DJ Grind & Chamillionaire - Grind Now F*ck Later 7


1. Chamillionaire Checks In
2. Its Goin Down - Fat Bastard
3. Excuse Me - Young Dro (Feat. Doeshun)
4. Throw It Back - Mack Maine (Feat. Lil Wayne)
5. Shawty - Young Capone
6. Aint I Remix - Yung La (Feat. Young Dro, T.I.)
7. Chamillionaire Comes Thru
8. Spend All My Money - A1 Yola
9. Let The Trunk Pop - Lucky (Feat. Paul Wall)
10. Da Flow - Pj The Rap Hustler
11. Chamillionaire Comes Thru
12. Ready For Whatever - Chamillionaire
13. Bend - Gwap Boyz (Feat. Kiotti)
14. I Run - Slim Thug
15. Newayz - Lil Ronnie (Feat. Lil Shine)
16. Nothin - Xo (Feat. Fat Bastard)
17. Chamillionaire Comes Thru
18. Creepin Solo - Chamillionaire (Feat. Ludacris)
19. She Loves Gangstas - Lil Keke
20. I Dont Want Ur Girl - B.Lester (Feat. Dorrough, Damm D)
21. All I Feel Is Pain - Famous (Feat. Chamillionaire)
22. Chop Chop Chop - Chalie Boy (Feat. Chamillionaire, Tum Tum)
23. Hurt No More - Zro (Feat. Dougie D)
24. Get Throwed - Blofly
25. Ask Dem Hoes - S.Fresh (Feat. Lil Boosie)
26. Reppin Texas - C.Stone (Feat. Paul Wall, Trae)
27. Chopped & Screwed - Bun B (Feat. C Note, Big Pokey, Esg, Lil Keke, Trae, Zro)
28. Chamillionaire Checks Out
29. Answer Machine - Chamillionaire (Feat. J.Pich)

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Last!!! Nah I hope this shit

Last!!! Nah I hope this shit aight.

Fuck if Im first

I don't give a fuck if I'm first....I just know I ruined some 12 year olds day because they're not!! Chamillionaire been killin it lately...Let's go! Show these fuckas how it's done! FUCK WAYNE AND GUCCI MANE, SOULJABOY and the rest of these faggots! Ya'll can't see my niggas!!


haha you ain't.


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aye anybody got anything

aye anybody got anything with famous been feelin him on like mixtape messiah and ultimate victory but cant find any of his shit


yea i got some. hit me up on