Chamillionaire - Major Pain


01 Chamillionaire - Warn You
02 Chamillionaire - Price Of Failure
03 Chamillionaire - I'ma Rep Texas
04 Chamillionaire - Feels Good
05 Chamillionaire - I'm Reloaded
06 Chamillionaire - All Black
07 Chamillionaire - Pursuit Of Cream
08 Chamillionaire - Forgive You
09 Chamillionaire - Leanin'
10 Chamillionaire - No Complaints
11 Chamillionaire - I'm Focused
12 Chamillionaire - Houston Up High
13 Chamillionaire - Sittin On Chrome
14 Chamillionaire - Everybody Hates A Snitch
15 Chamillionaire - Triangle Formation
16 Chamillionaire - Koopa Don't Care
17 Chamillionaire - Salute Your General
18 Chamillionaire - Story To Tell

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fuck yea

downloading this like a fuck
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cham go hard every time this tape decent got some new shit on here $ pants on the ground lookn like fool with ah blunt in his mouth knot in his pocket.....


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GAWD DAYUMM!! THIS SHIT GO SO HARD IT KNOCK NO CEILINGS TO THE SIDE OF THE SCREEN!!! Man is going be a good superbowl weekend after all.... 9.5/10 TEXAS IS IN THIS BITCH!


Yung Screw 817 wrote:
GAWD DAYUMM!! THIS SHIT GO SO HARD IT KNOCK NO CEILINGS TO THE SIDE OF THE SCREEN!!! Man is going be a good superbowl weekend after all.... 9.5/10 TEXAS IS IN THIS BITCH!
Lol you aint biased is you? nah jus playing shit bangs, all Chams shit does.
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hey I NEED........

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Check this dude out, hes

Check this dude out, hes uploaded like every tape Screw ever did. Its enough Screw to fill up a 30 gb Zune! Like over 300 tapes or some shit like that....its a Screw Discography but its in 5 different parts.......
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Just wondering

Do you have a thing for making biased ratings?! Just wondering because by most of your comments i've read they sort of favor the south! ~W1nt3r 1c3~
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Bring the PAIN!

Its on like major pain! Chamillitary Maine!
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This tape is tuff !! Mr. Koopa never dissapoints.
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He is The Greatest

I been telling thease niggas Koopa a beast. but for some odd reason alot of people still wanna sleep on him. Honestly i dont think any one is better than him, only one that can prolly fuCc wit my nigga is drake and wayne. Cham been goin hard er since da mixtape messiah 3. all his old shit is ok but once he dropped mixtape messiah 7 i new it was a rap. I mean how can u be so damn RAW and i mean RAW with out using any profanity. Chamillionaire is the greatest rapper in my oppinion. i cant w8 for venom to drop in march.
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U Trippin'

Cham is nice but u trippin' on all three of those choices! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Man you trip n wayne isnt

Man you trip n wayne isnt finished. yall fools just saying dat shit coz he experimenting wit some rock shit and from what i cant tell it's pretty decnt for a rock N roll album. but da no ceilings mixtape he dropped was decent as hell. he had 6 tracks on dat bitch dat wit ham. as for drake you gotta rememba dat he still like a rook in the game, his 3rd mixtape so far gone was a str8 banga.shit was mixtape of the year, i even listened to dat shit c/s. and wat about comeback season.? OMG NIGGA GET CHO MIND RIGHT. LOL ... wat is u saying. but any ways I still beleave my nigga KOOPA is the greatest. also cham got way more experience in the game than drake who whant even released an album yet.dis cat has nigga got serious potential to take the game. Pursuit of cream, IM reloaded, Price of Failure, Leanin, Sittin on chrome, salute your general shit bascly all of em Hard. But thos are the best ones 2 me in that order. but does any 1 no when da chopped and screwed version off this coming out .?.?..
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O hell Yeah Im DEF gonna be

O hell Yeah Im DEF gonna be content untill da venom album come out now. And trap or die 2 come out this week too. This is wass up man.
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Pimpin Slim

While you ad it make sure you d/l Slim Thugs joint too "Pimpin Slim" That shit goes STUPID HARD!!! I dont think is official tho but it has alotta new stuff in it.
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Thanks for the screwed

Thanks for the screwed version....

decent rock album?

how the fuck can you say wayne has a "decent" rock album? have you ever heard a "decent" rock album? that cd i trash at best. Em saved that one song but thats it. If you honestly think any different Kill ya self!
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Matter of Opinion Youngin

Bitch on drop the world waynes Verse was better than Em's Wayne Killed the hook on that shit too. and It dont matter if the album it self is trash He sold 315k first week youngin. He obviously rake n da paper. And if your not a rock n roll fan you fagget you obviously wouldnt like this album Wich Wayne even said. Chamillionaire said venom will sell 750k first week or Higher. Dass why universal keep pushing it back so he can bring in some well deserved hype and anticipation. Dass why he hit us wit da pain. Im def gone buy Venom after hear n major pain. And also The major pain C/S version Just Flawless.!.
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the only people that can

the only people that can fuck with him are drake and wayne? damn thats gotta be a joke right? Get up on ur hip-hop son wayne is finished and drake is nowhere close to the best lyricist
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yh sir. drake isnt top

yh sir. drake isnt top anything. got along way to go and needs to quit copyin his daddy before he can be considered but wayne is hardly finished. tell me you werent feelin wayne during the first two carters and all the drought tapes and so on until he started the rock thing and i call you a liar. so now your gonna hate cus he experimented and had fun with his talent. cmon dawg. he commercialized alot but if he goes back to his roots a bit hes still got what it takes to be close to top. plus dudes givin away more free music than any other artist in history. but anyway im downloadin this cham for sure...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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O trust me I was the

O trust me I was the definition of a wayne head---but when u make terrible music for so long i lose interest and faith. No Ceilings really sucked if u get past the beats (which aren't even his)...if u want to hear wayne rhyme the words pussy, nigga and motherfucker with no end in sight and then talk about taking shits for an hour be my guest...its not what i want to hear...wayne is finished in my eyes and the eyes of many others
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yo strait up i think drake

yo strait up i think drake is highly overated if u ask me if u aint spittin bout dat gangsta shit or some knowledge 2 empower the people then u aint shit 2 me.Gangsta shit cuz dats how we living out here especially niggas like me who against anything govermental. drake dont talk bout shit the only reason i like wayne is cuz the nigga got skillz and king koopa but fuck drake cuz we aint with that syntamental shit its a war going on out here wat world he from i cant relate wit that shit he b talkin watever he b talkin bout the nigga is nothin special 2 me and cant nonya tell me i dont know hip hop. i'm fom the home of hip hop.fuck drake i could eat em 4 breakfast and shit him out b4 lunch
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I heard Chamillionaire &

I heard Chamillionaire & Paul Wall settled their differences and their 1st appearance will be in Austin, Texas as headliners on March 17 for the South By Southwest tour. Bout time! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Yea that is pretty cool...I

Yea that is pretty cool...I do remember reading sometime last year though bout them sharing the stage for some surprise reunion. It was in Hip Hop news weekly and it also said it was the first time they shared the stage and were together in 5 years
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Cant wait to see them back 2gethr

I seen both of them at a car show last year in Dallas. They were both there but didnt perform together. You can catch a glimpse of that car show in Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" video. Bun-B was there too. He wrecked that hoe with the tribute he did for Pimp-C. It was off the chain!
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you already know this shit

you already know this shit is fire!(Why you get offended with ya defensive ass?)
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If your gonna title this Major Pain, you gotta put Damon Wayans on the cover!!! I woulda added the train from the move
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Damn I thought I had read

Damn I thought I had read that this was only going to be for sell on Cham's website??

all music is free nowadays

all music is free nowadays

it is, but it's a mixtape

it is for sale on his site but it's a mixtape
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Yeah but

if you wanna support the artist it's not gonna break ya bank(?) to buy the shit you really like, Chams music is worth it foooshooo !! ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
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what a nice surprise haha

what a nice surprise haha
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Damm i've neva been a fan of

Damm i've neva been a fan of Cham but dude got flow for days...Def not a rapper to be slept on..
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yall boys need 2 support tha movement go buy this on his website dnt bootleg it
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nah. i appreciate your

nah. i appreciate your sentiment but mixtapes should always be free. i do agree with buying albums to support your artist but not mixtapes. those should be pure promo. its a new age, one where artist use mixtapes to pay their dues and earn respect that convinces fans to purchase their albums. the mixtape world is kinda like their playground for experiments and to showcase their skills. then if we like what theyre puttin out in their tapes we put out the loot when they drop the albums...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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I dont have any facts to back this, but I would think if you buy his mixtape for say $10 being that he owns it he prob gets like $9 of it, but when its a record company album he'd get maybe $2 off each one. Im sure interscope frowns on mixtapes cause they cant suck profit out of it.
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why the fuck did you put a

why the fuck did you put a formspring on here?......Beep beep haters hatin on my radar.

why the fuck did you put a

why the fuck did you put a formspring on here?......Beep beep haters hatin on my radar.
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this aint a mixtape brah its a album that he is releasing without tha majors
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is it in stores? if it aint

is it in stores? if it aint in stores i dont consider it an album really, i mean nas did it for a grip without majors, but i wasnt aware he was doin that. but i still aint gonna buy a download. if i like it enough and it hits shelves i will def buy it to have the actual disc in my collection like i always do....mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

Look It Up

This is retail. Yes you can buy it in stores. You can by all major mixtapes in stores, but this is no a mixtape. Major Pain is a label that is signed under Universal.
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its a mixtape with refreshed

its a mixtape with refreshed beats and some new with alot of advertisin. its good and def worth the download and im lookin forward to that venom album and will def fork out the cash for that but im glad i didnt pay for this over all...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Takes out Crucifix and holy water

Nigga must be Satan because he spittin flame!
This nikka could be Dangerous in 2010.. damn
Whole tape go hard and it feel too short.. thats what make a good Mixtape.. 9/10!
    [- -]
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this tape sucks. this dude

this tape sucks. this dude can't spit for shit.

youz a bitch

dude can spit for days. This tape is good! Guy got some flow hoe, call it what you want. Love it when east coast gets mad at TEXAS for getting all tha SHINE!!!_Although I’m world wide baby I aint hard to find