DJ G-Spot - Midwest Invasion 11


01-LEP Intro
02-LEP Bogus Boyz – Chicago Niggaz
03-Big Sean – What U Doin’
04-Mikkey Halsted – Could It Be U
05-Zelakhan feat Phoenix Jones – Poppin’ Wheelies
06-St Lunatics feat Birdman – Money Talk 07-Ray Rizzy feat Lil Jon & Juvenile – Ok, Yeah
08-Ali feat Nelly & Saint Louis – Sum N Bout It 09-Big Sean – High Rise
10-Twista feat Drake – Here We Go
11-Kid Cudi - Revofev
12-Kanye West feat Dwele - Power
13-Lupe Fiasco feat Alicia Keys – Love Letter To The Beat
14-Bankie Travolta – Livin’ It Up
15-LEP Shout Outs
16- City Spud feat Murphy Lee – Look At Her 17-LEP Bogus Boyz – Run This Town
18-Will Victory - Bodyguard
19-Drastic feat Syx Slim & Proph The Problem – Like Us At All
20-KingDOM – Bad Host
21-Mikkey Halsted feat Chrissylove - Celebration
22-Garbs Infinite - Shareware
23-Royce Da 5’9 – Over And Out
24-LEP Bogus Boyz – We Ain’t Finna Play 25-LEP Bogus Boyz Interlude
26-Jeremih feat Ludacris – I Like
27-Unite Or Die Outro

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hiphopchild's picture

Low End Potential...L.E.P. goes hard don't sleep..Chicago!

[Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]


why no machine gun kelly? best in the midwest cant invade w/ these other dudes? i mean royce and mikkey are dope but other than that there aint much talent on here unless dem LEP dudes are good but i never heard ofum... anyway better rappers than this in the midwest
bole420's picture


ill check this out...kelly is nice with the flow....
hiphopchild's picture

oh yeah without a doubt...

they don't even have any freddie gibbs...but when you look at the midwest...a lot of the best post biggie and pac rappers come from the midwest... [Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]
johnny7957's picture

LEP Goes hard!

I been listening to them for a minute now. Real recognize Real! The the best thing going here in the Chi right now. Nobody in da hodd listens to Kanye! Ya'll white folks and suburb lames can keep his bullshit! Johnny C
hiphopchild's picture

a least not Ye's new shit

he still gettin play over here Eastide Krazy 71 paxton [Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]
bole420's picture


this got some decent tracks on here...and uhh, freddie gibbs next up!!