Mikkey Halsted - Best You nEver Heard (Mixed By DJ Toure Stylz)


1. Intro
2. Celebration Feat. Miss Criss
3. You Aint Know Feat. Ken Rock
4. Im A Ryder Feat. Uncrowned City
5. Grind Mode (The Dark Room Preview)
6. Israelite Gangsta
7. Frozen (The Dark Room Preview)
8. U Luv My Style
9. Whoa Feat. Skooda Chose And Bump J
10. The Funeral
11. Collapse Feat. Phil G
12. Words Of Wisdom Feat. Yp
13. Revenge 2 Feat. Juice, Twone Gabz, Rhymefest (J-Illa Revenge Of The
Backpacks 2)
14. Got It Made (Verse)
15. Im The Man Feat. Sly Polaroid And Cloak Hancock
16. Chi-Town Streets Feat. Khari Lemuel
17. Papers Line
18. 1St Class (The Dark Room Preview)
19. Corners
20. Tired (Verse)
21. Bang On Em (Verse)
22. Just 2 Get By
23. Runnin My City (The Dark Room Preview)
24. On My Own (Verse)
25. Chi Shit Feat. Mic Terror
26. Dead Wrong
27. Till I Die
28. Cant Stop Feat. G And The Rock
29. Competition Is None Feat. Uncrowned City
30. So Mean (Verse)
31. Krs-1 Freestyle
32. Ten Things (Original Kanye West Produced Demo)
33. Ghetto Life (Original Kanye West Produced Demo)
34. Piss Poor
35. Mattress Money Feat. Famous And Kt
36. Hhg Freesytle
37. Mikkey Halsted Outro
38. Bonus

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hell yea

been waitn on this mikkey d/l now thanks for the upload... 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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I listened to this all day

I listened to this all day when I had the chance today and its just not as good as I expected it to be. Theres some fire songs but theres alot that I just didnt feel. I ended up back on that re-up gang remix by the time I got off
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decent tape got alot of snippets but got some decent tracks on here one the best tapes this week 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE

liked him since i heard him

liked him since i heard him on t.q. song