DJ Dutty Laundry & The Senate DJ's Presents - The Avengers

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01. Car Talk - Oj Da Juiceman
02. Make The Trap A - Oj Da Juiceman
03. Never To Much(Rmx) - Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juiceman, Project Pat, Triple Six Mafia
04. Baby Girl- Oj Da Juiceman
05. Gotta Eat - Big Stackssss
06. Lay You Down- Lil Wayne, Tyga
07. Obnoxious -Gucci Mane, Remi
08. White Girl -Gucci Mane, Esther Dean
09. Jet Lag -Gucci Mane, Big Stackssss
10. Wasted -Gucci Mane, Plies
11. Lost - Gucci Mane, J Money
12. Boomin & Bunkin -Oj Da Juiceman
13. I'm From The South -Lil Wayne
14. Where Da Hoes - Lil Wayne, Yung Joc, Lil Jon
15. Helluva Life -Gucci Mane, Gorilla Zoe, Oj Da Juiceman
16. Back To Ballin -Gucci Mane
17. Trappin All Year - Big Stackssss, Bird Aka Cookie Monster
18. Respect My Conglomerate - Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss
19. Split - Lil Wayne
20. Gold Grill Shawty- Oj Da Juiceman, Soulja Boy
21. Feelin On My A - Gucci Mane, Ciara

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kids cover

Very Old Tracks.

So Sad.

thats not even batman its

thats not even batman its nightwing lol but im still gonna listen to this thanks for the mixtape

thats not even nightwing.

thats not even nightwing. nightwing is blue, thats robins costume from the movies i believe.

....even though the original

....even though the original robin did indeed eventually leave batmans side and become nightwing.
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thats robin from the movie, not nightwing. lol, look at stacks. got that roid juices flowin
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funny tho

nightwing or robin, neither of them were in the avengers. hell they were an entirely different brand. i have a question what was guccis best mixtape//


Well it's because they're Audience is kids, this Album cover makes plenty sense, if you 14 - 20 This yo shit. Everybody else grew up and moved on past this shit.


Thats damn near stupid im 17 n this shits WAK! it aint about age range its about bein educated, n their audince gave up on the "hungry hungry cterpillar" $10 says nobodys gonna correct me on this all call me a 'hater' (why because u gotta do a maths question before postin a response)

fUCC u


LAME ass shit

this shit lame and batman ain't even an avenger. avengers are on Marvel, batman is DC. fuckin old shit anyway


mumbles wrote:
this shit lame and batman ain't even an avenger. avengers are on Marvel, batman is DC. fuckin old shit anyway
Yo lame ass payin attention to the label cover.. But yea, at least the artist put Pucci in the best costume.. (Capt'n FAGGOT) Nigga is rockin them baby blue tights and stilettos. Ol'e Pucci Mange.


Since when the fuck is Lil Wayne IRONMAN. Not even on his best day could he stand toe to toe with Ghostface.

uh wtf fag

uh wtf fag

what the fuck is up wit the

what the fuck is up wit the fake features and shit. you got soulja boy under lil wayne split.

soulja boy tell em

soulja boy tell em

it almost looks as gay as

it almost looks as gay as real americans with their fake superheroes whahaha keep imagining em

how about ya'll stop talking

how about ya'll stop talking and fighting over the fucking cover and start talking about if the mixtape itself is worth a fuck or not. word to ya mother.....