DJ Delz Presents Joell Ortiz Vs. Vado - Street Spittas

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01 - Dj Delz Funk Flex Introjoell Ortiz-Funk Flex F
02 - Joell Ortiz-Funk Flex Freestyle
03 - Vado-Funk Flex Freestyle
04 - Joell Ortiz-Power
05 - Vado-Hard In The Paint
06 - Joell Ortiz-Sing Like Bilal
07 - Vado-Lose My Mind
08 - Joell Ortiz-On To The Next One
09 - Vado-Kick In The Door
10 - Joell Ortiz-Project Boy
11 - Vado-Memory Lane
12 - Joell Ortiz-Angel Dust
13 - Vado-Rydah Muzik
14 - Joell Ortiz-80S Baby
15 - Vado-Polo
16 - Joell Ortiz-Bks Finest
17 - Vado-Im Back
18 - Joell Ortiz-Relax
19 - Vado-Large On The Streetz
20 - Joell Ortiz-Money Make The World Go Around
21 - Vado Joell Ortiz-That Work
22 - Vado-10 Swag Commandments
23 - Joell Ortiz-Lemonade
24 - Vada Camron-We All Up In Here
25 - Joell Ortiz-Im Drunk
26 - Vado Featuring Camron-Speaking Tougues
27 - Maf Dj Clark Kent-Battle Of Metropolis
28 - St Laz-Speaking French

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Both thiz nikka's go

Both thiz nikka's go hard!..But ofcourse this shit is old so, no dl for me.
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both go hard 4 sure. but

both go hard 4 sure. but joell aint nothin on vado. sliiiimmme!!!!pass the hotsauce b!!!!
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both this cats are lyrical but Vado's coming real heavy right now that dj suss one new banger he says some ill shit
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Crazy Mixtape, most of this

Crazy Mixtape, most of this is scattered on other mixtapes already but if you want the best tracks from all of those this is a nicely harvested tracklist to bring you up to speed or just get ya Vado and Ortiz collection more organized.


NAw you niggas are smokin that comfortable cush,Oritz is so talented in so many AREAS. vado would blow if this was the 90's oh well nigga!!