DJ Delz & Joell Ortiz - Jackin For Beats

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1.Joell Ortiz & Dj Delz-Intro
2.Joell Ortiz-Bk We Go Hard
3.Joell Ortiz-Broken Langauge
4.Joell Ortiz-Verbal Intercourse
5.Joell Ortiz-Off The Books
6.Joell Ortiz-Daytona 500
7.Joell Ortiz-Election Day
8.Joell Ortiz-Ill Street Blues
9.Joell Ortiz-Tonights The Night
10.Juell Ortiz-4321
11.Joel Ortiz-Twin
12.Joell Ortiz-Beware
13.Joell Ortiz-You Aint A Killa
14.Joell Ortiz-Pun Freestyle
15.Joell Ortiz-Its So Hard
16.Joell Ortiz-Jon Blaze
17.Joell Ortiz-Reconize
18.Joell Ortiz-Popular Demands
19.Joell Ortiz-Drop A Gem
20.Joell Ortiz-Get Money
21.Joell Ortiz-Hello Brooklyn
22.Joell Ortiz-Mass Apeal
23.Joell Ortiz-Cell Theropy
24.Joell Ortiz-T.R.O.Y
25.Joell Ortiz-Renae
26.Joell Ortiz-Bk Girl
27.Joell Ortiz-Relax
28.Joell Ortiz-Uptown Anthem
29.Joell Ortiz-Crime Wave
30.Joell Oriz-24 Hours To Life
31.Joell Ortiz-Childrens Story
32.Joell Ortiz-Run This Town
33.Joell Ortiz & Termanology-Bang
34.Joell Ortiz-Know The Ledge
35.Joell Ortiz-360
36.Joell Ortiz-I Go Off
37.Joell Ortiz-Got My Mind Up
38.Joell Ortiz-Boom
39.Joell Ortiz-Hiphop
40.Joell Ortiz-Ufo
41.Joell Ortiz-Big Money
42.Joell Ortiz-Successful
43.Joell Ortiz-Brokenheart
44.Joell Ortiz & Novel-Call Me
45.Joell Ortiz & Novel-Fighter
46.Joell Ortiz & Rihanna-The Wait Is Over

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this dude is definately one of my top favorite mc's>>>DL
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cam_miami wrote:
this dude is definately one of my top favorite mc's>>>DL
joell slayed all these hot tracks,replay value on this is HIGH
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yea I like this one, brought

yea I like this one, brought out some old Goodie Mob and some Pun beats, could of done without another Run This Town though
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joell a fuckin monster this shoulda had the gret box around it and been one of the top mixtapes