DJ Delz, DJ Woogie & Max B - Gain Greene Official Mixtape

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1.Max B- That Top
2.Max B-Picture Me Rollin
3.Max B-Tell Me
4.Max B Featuring Al Pac- Touched It In Miami
5.Max B-Tatoos On Her Ass
6.Max B-Nike Boots
7.Max B Featuring Mack Mustard-Ready To Ride
8.Max B-Where Do I Go
9.Max B-Live Comfortible
10.Max B-Im So Wavy
11.Max B Featuring French Montana-Disturb Money
12.Max B-Blow Me A Dub
13.Max B Featuring Dame Grease & French Montana-Goon Music
14.Max B-Ooww Owww Owww
15.Max B Featuring Henny-G'd Up Remix
16.Max B Featuring Tony Yayo & French Montana-Do It Right
17.Max B Featuring French Montana-Been Around The World
18.Max B-Starz
19.Max B Featuring Beanie Sigel,Dame Grease,French Montana,Mck Mustard & Scarlet-Wave Bars
20.Max B-Lip Singin
21.Max B-I Need My Money
22.Max B-Try Me
23.Max-Max B-Go Back In There
24.Al Pac & Mack Mustard-Yall Thought It Was Over (World Premiere)

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Danetello's picture

fuk max b!!! keep him locked

fuk max b!!! keep him locked up!!!!
x-Mz Fi0NA-x's picture

I Don't Mind Some Max B Shit

I Don't Mind Some Max B Shit But When He Starts To Sing Damnn LoL.. Stick To Just The Rapping =]
keepdem0z's picture

tha Gr0w@!!....Damn

tha Gr0w@!!....Damn kid.....y u say that about Max?....I need to know this one kid.....
x-Mz Fi0NA-x's picture


keepdem0z wrote:
tha Gr0w@!!....Damn kid.....y u say that about Max?....I need to know this one kid.....
All I Said Was Dat His Singin Is Wack Lolz


And fuck y'all haterz!!!This shit's firrrrreeeee BITCH!!!
Dani Boi's picture

The Wave Is Over

Moneymike313's picture


Same Old songs Different Cover.... Same azz haters different mothers.... Waste of a download if ur already HIP to the WAVE!! FREE MAX B!!!!!
NGMoney's picture


he was talking to this bathing ape oj da fagman loving homo thug who said keep him locked up...
KrownRoyalty's picture

always fire from biggavelli.

always fire from biggavelli. anyone kno when coke wave 2 droppin?
Yung Screw 817's picture


Thats the dumbest shyt i evah heard werd up. -MOST HATED-