French Montana & Max B - Coke Wave (Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid)

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1. Coke Wave Intro
2. Stake Sause (French Montana & Max B)
3. It Gotta Be (French Montana & Max B)
4. Skit
5. Goon Music (French Montana, Max B, Dame Grease, Meeno, & E-Snaps)
6. God Damm (French Montana, Maino, & Max B)
7. Coke Wave (French Montana & Max B)
8. Battlefield (French Montana & Max B)
9. Smoking (French Montana)
10. Here It Is (Max B & French Montana)
11. Bricks & Walls (French Montana)
12. Skit
13. Been Around (Max B & French Montana)
14. I Warned U (French Montana & Max B)
15. Burry Me A G (French Montana & Dame Grease)
16. All I Wanna (Max B & French Montana)
17. Waveyy (Max B, French Montana, & Mac Mustard)
Bonus Tracks
18. Security (Max B & French Montana)
19. NY (French Montana, Dame Grease, & Max B)
20. Hold On (Tony Yayo, Max B, & French Montana)

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Been wating

Been waiting on dis shit. Most of d same tracks were on d dj delz tape though. cocaine city!


Some of tha same shit its okay tho! Still ride out hard! Max & French got NY i must say.....
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get your weed and GUNS @ SOWAVY.COM get Wavy over here
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I been waiten for this shit!!!! COKE WAVE BOY!!!! O.K. tape.......i hope QUARINTINE ADN PD5 are better. ONLY 6or7 NEW TRACKS out of 20 DAM MAN!!!

Goon Music track.

Dat Goon music number is one of the best max tracks i eveer heard.