Dame Grease & DJ Delz Presents - Wave Gang 4

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1.Dame Grease & Dj Delz-Crack Baby Intro
2.Max B-Fuck You
3.French Montana Ft Al Pac-Huh Ewwww
4.Dame Grease-Stop It 5
5.Dame Grease-Wave Gang (She Loves)
6.Dame Grease,Meeno,Vast Aire,Haze,Harry Fraud-Profilin
7.French Montana Featuring Al Pac-Quality
8.Bigga Threat Featuring French Montana-Dopeman
9.Dame Grease-Kill Em All
10.Dame Grease Featuring Chinx Drugs-Where You Goin Tonight
11.French Montana-Go Hard
12.Meeno-Touch Down
13.Dame Grease & Meeno-Miss Wave U.S.A
14.Latin Girl Lost Interlude
15.Dame Grease-Latin Girl Lost
16.French Montana & The Cokeboys-Skyhigh Cocaine Konvicts
17.Affion Cockett,Dj Delz,Valed,Books,Jae Nom-N.D.S.S Freestyle
18.Dame Grease Featuring Bigga Threat-Homicide Hd
19.Bigga Threat & Bigga Threat-City Wired
20.Dame Grease,Young Los,Meeno,Droop Pop & Fetticcini-Ambition
21.Dame Grease-Flesh
22.Blanket Jakson Featuring Dame Grease-Industry Slore
23.French Montana Featuring Al Pac-Psycho Groupie Remix
24.Max B-Ooh Aaah
25.Dame Grease-The Best
26.Mak Mustard & Dj Delz-Aint No Love ( Suprise Bonus Track)

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Crack baby edition?? Thats fucked up. lol. Personally, Id prolly rather listen to the crackwhore edition.
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Im only keeping 2 and 24 lol

Im only keeping 2 and 24 lol the wave just aint the same without max...and why is dame grease callin him self blanket jackson? Follow me Follow me take a Journey with the boy oh boy i see stizzie he bought another toy!!! FREE MAX BIGGAVELI┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐

Yeah Max than killed two crews.

First Jim Jones now these dudes. I liked max music but damn that nigga left a lot of money on the street.
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i probably laughed for 10 mins @ crack baby addition but wont d.l
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Free Max B!!!

Wave Gang Bitch!!!French Montana Is in my top 5 Fav MC in the game.Owwwwww

French is hot ass Garbage

He lost with out Max. Akon should get that check back. This era is dead anyway. The no talent,slow flow, same beat days are over. They don't sell. Only Jay and Em went Plat last year. Young Gotti and the likes didn't even outsell Jim Jones and he went treadmill. Owwww. Better go get that "They call me Jay Electronica- Fuck that. Call me Jay ElecHannukah- Jay ElecYarmulke- Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor."
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please somone tell me who the fuck YOUNG GOTTI is hahaha..? this fuckin ethiopian jew ovr here is lame^^ -Holla At Ya Guala Batch....
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Jay Electronica

Jay is damn sure in constant rotation over here...Much props for actually writing that whole damn line too! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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he got couple

DO I SUPPOSE CRY HaHaH~ he got couple tapes coming soon mybad i forget maybe better than the last one {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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I'll be god damn...

HELL NAW! Crack baby Edition?
Man whats wrong with us black folks? somebody got their helpless child on a damn mixtape cover (thats going to be in the hands of thousands) and ruin his rep before he got one lol .. Man i tell you.. some people don't think before they do shit, i hope thats one of their own baby pictures and not a new baby, I'd be pissed after growing up and finding out my parents was that desperate to market a tape with me being a Crack baby with a Crack pipe in my hands
    [- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uz429cfHzg -]
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Crack Baby Edition. And this eastcoast niggaz have the nerve to talk bad about dirty south's Trap Music. LOL!
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So wrong..

..but I still laughed. ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
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Bin the whole thing.Ive tried to listen to this shit I think the worst part is this france dude he style is generic and simple, just ordinary rhymes same shit everyone has said over and over again. Im done with this wave bullshit
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DO I SUPPOSE CRY HaHaH~ wow they went all out on this photo shop...wow {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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Fake Crack if ya ask me

The cover is retared but I don't pay attention to that stuff it's whatever. Back to the music Dame Grease needs to stick to making beats. Tape was trash but I added a few more French Montana tracks to my collection. The wave is over. 3.5/10 and thats being nice.

i have to agree 2 and 24 are

i have to agree 2 and 24 are good but the rest is trash