DJ Cannon Banyon, DJ Dyce & OJ Da Juiceman - I Got The Juice 3


01 Ridiculous Ft Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane
02 Hands Itchin
03 Wonderful Life
04 Kitchen Musik Ft A-Rab
05 Ice Ft Gucci Mane
06 Gold Grill Shawty Ft Soulja Boy
07 One Million Bucks
08 Superman High Ft R Kelly
09 Bunkin Ft Teezy & Piazo
10 Keep It Hood Ft Project Pat (Dyce Blend)
11 Hustler's Anthem Ft T-Pain & Gucci Mane
12 Helluva Life Ft Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane
13 Stupid Ft Playaz Circle (Dyce Blend)
14 Batman
15 Who's Real
16 I Talk
17 Hottest In The Hood
18 Go Ham Ft Soulja Boy.

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"Go Ham Ft Soulja Boy." --

"Go Ham Ft Soulja Boy." -- fuk soulja little boy he gay as shit juice shou kno better

They the same type of rapper..

How should he know better and they both the same type of Genre? Gay Pop Rap. Listening to this nigga is like listenin to Chipmunks fuck with Fast-forward.. does ATL have any talent left?, the only good shit they had left was Jeesy and he on the same o shit.. Gucci gone flop that nigga is tryin to ride a wave since he went to jail and got a lil respect, TI dumb ass in jail.. wut happend to Lil Jon? lol ... Look like Texas, Memphis, FLorida and Louisiana gotta hold it up for the south again, since Ga can't keep shit going long without fuckin it up for everybody.

nigga please

First off Go Ham can go away rest of the mixtape is "decent" at best. As for your comment about Jeezy on the same ol shit. While that may be true He's selling as is CTE for that matter. And with TM103 on the way he's still makin money...yet you want to hate that's coo...

hOW u gONE sAY dAT shIT?????


if this dude sucks so bad. i

if this dude sucks so bad. i wanna hear you rap. cuz i dont see you making any money do i. you dumb son of a bitch!!!!! put someting out since you so good. oh wait you would get killed in a battle even by soldier boy. that nigga gettin money. while you takin it in the ass bitch

dis shit right here go hard

dis shit right here go hard mang bumpin it at work on the graveyard shift kept me up and my customers liked it thank you midimarc for uploading.