DJ Cannon Banyon, DJ Effect & DJ Dyce - Shootin The Breeze 46


01 Rulette - Carolion
02 Young Snead Ft Gucci Mane - Whats It Gone Be
03 B.G. Ft Soulja Slim , Lil Boosie & C Murder - Nigga Owe Me Some Money
04 Generation One (Trillz & Freestyle - Get My Swerve On
05 Gucci Mane Ft Lil Wayne & Camron - Stupid Wild
06 Gucci Mane Ft Gorilla Zoe - Georgia
07 Ap - I Do This For South Cak
08 Arab - Kitchen Gettin Funky
09 Gucci Mane - Break Ya Self
10 Jw Ft Young Jeezy Ft Plies - So Sad
11 Lil Boosie , Young Jeezy - Jungle
12 Screwww Ft Young Jeezy , Jw - Stuntin
13 Warren Jae - So Sad
14 Gucci Mane Ft Keyshia Cole - Bad Bad Bad
15 Gucci Mane Ft Sean Garrett - Throw Money
16 Gucci Mane Ft Bun B , E 40 - Kush Is My Cologne
17 Gucci Mane - We Got Um
18 Yo Gotti Ft Lil Wayne - Women Lie, Men Lie
19 Oj Da Juiceman - Frank Sinatra
20 Yaya - Too Fly

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3 DJS??? Ruined Product!!! Too Many EGOS!!!

How would a song even be heard with three DJS Hosting A Mixtape? Can Imagine it would be annoying AS FUUCK!!!! DJ Cannon Banyon Worlds Greatest *Then* DJ Effect I Cant Be Stopped *Then* DJ Dyce Ever So Nice. By that time the song is fucked cuz the plot is flawed, the rhymes are screwed by their funky ass EGOs, *Play That Back* Bullshit............ Looks Like A Different set of songs being used though, unless they are old songs with different names on them to sound appealing. Pine Fucking Ridge!


If you listened to the mixtape you would hear how its not like that... My beats are better than yours
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midimarc wrote:
If you listened to the mixtape you would hear how its not like that... My beats are better than yours
keep up the good work.
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Got some new songs on this one. Beats are tight. $$$$$ ILL LEAVE IT UP TO KARMA.$$$$$
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ok tape...

Except for tracks 2,5,6,9,14,15,16 & 17. Recycle bin that shit and this is worth listenin to... Oh and trash that dumbazz cover too!
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aye aye aye u lef one out....ok!

growth & development...aye aye aye what bout trash bin #19 homie aye aye aye ok!...jello fruit cup swag!!
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He had every track right but forgot 19.. imma get Eco-friendly with those tracks and recycle em, Other than that whats left over is ok enough.
No disrespect to the DJ himself, just a preference, i know some kats take criticism differently but fuck ya feelins?
YEah imma heartless bastard
Im thinkin about startin to put out mixtapes soon.. and "REALLY" do some DJing, i got some kats that been wantin to work with me for a min, i make beats as a hobby after i get off work, and they like to do mixin in my studio so imma see how shit work out, it aint gone be no race to have the most mixtapes type of shit either, just takin our time to make high quality shit you can bump to for a good min even if the song is a lil old.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints ARE NOW #1 in 09, Like i said before the season even started LOL! FUCK YA'LL HATERS!!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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Do That Shit Dude!!!

I See Your Ass On All These Shits And It Seems You Got A Grip On Whos Who In Mixtapes, Thug Life, Outlaw, Get Your Grind On SUPADOME!!! Pine Fucking Ridge!

Turd music

midi marc aka shitty fart sucks and i aint even hating niggaz he a biter your beats sound like everyone elses,get ya own swag i pray sum 1 pops ya head off wit a mag so i wont have ta see ya shitty ass tapes all over dis otherwise good site


LMAO @ Shitty Fart...hahahahah sorry my lack of talent makes you so angry..i'll make sure to get my own "swag". Unfortunately I'm here to stay...thanks for mentioning my name in your gave me another result on my google search..Labels and A&Rs loooooove seeing all of the pages my name generates My beats are better than yours