DJ Automatic Presents Common - Theater Of The Mind (Mixtale)


No tracklist

theaterofthemindmixtale.torrent21.02 KB

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is this new shit or.......?

b/c i dnt wanna waste my time.....esp. since there isnt a trklist
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why the hell these DJs put

why the hell these DJs put out tapes without the track list. smh skip that.


been waiting for a real mc for awhile,hope its good
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feelin' it....but... seperate track listings. It's all one rassklat file. Classics to Current tracks from Common still better than half the garbage on here though...UH
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Even tho this ain't got no

Even tho this ain't got no track list it's still str8. Over and out for good. {The Golden State Stamp}
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Long Time

since I heard from this dude. Common fell off the music map and was focused on his grown man shit. It would be nice to hear some new material. Anyone D/L this yet?, let me know.

for me,8/10

its like a "best of" tape,the dj is on point tho.