DJ 5150 & Darryl J - The Recipe


1.Darryl J- Intro
2.Darryl J-Check My Trap Prod By Slash Major
3.Murda Style Feat Darryl J-Game Over Prod By Cryptonite
4.Darryl J- Checkin In
5.Murda Style- Wht They Hit
7.Darryl J Feat D Burns- I Aint Made It Rapin Prod By Cryptonite
8.Darryl- Checkin In
9.Darryl J Feat Big Stacksss -Ice Pack Money Prob By Slash Major
10. Darryl J Feat D Burns & Oohm- Do It Like This
11.Darryl J Feat P Money Bags- Put Me In Power
12.Darryl J-Feat Oohm & Mg- Highway
13.Darryl J Feat Murda Style- Check Prod By Cryptonite
14.Darryl J Feat D Burns- What They Want
15.Darryl J Feat D Burns & Oohm - Go Get It Prod By Slash Major
16.Darryl J Feat Just Rich & G.E The Pilot-Gotta Getit
17.Darryl J Feat Oohm & King Dave-Pants Sag
18.Darryl & D Burns- Bubble
19.Ql'z & Oohm - Far Out
20.Darryl J Feat Oohm & D Burns- My Doe
21.D Burns -Milwaukee Best Prod By Slash Major
22. K Dot - Girls Gone Wild Prod By Cryptonite

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Anybody know if this darryl j guy is any good?-$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$
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Not good if you like real rap or hip hop music, Good if you like that lil kiddy trap shit.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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