DJ 31 Degreez & Lil Wayne - Weezy F Baby Pt 4 (2CD)

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Disc 1

1. Lil Wayne-
2. Lil Wayne Ft. Busta Rhymes,Diddy Swizz Beatz,T-Pain & Akon-Arab Money(Billion Dollar Remix)
3. Lil Wayne-Number 1
4. Lil Wayne Ft. Jim Jones,N.O.E. & Twista-Jackin Swagger From Us
5. Lil Wayne Ft. Jadakiss-187 Wish
6. Weezyaveli-Vampire
7. Lil Wayne Ft. Jae Millz-Couldnt Be A Better Player
8. Lil Wayne Ft. Nu Jersey Devil-Different Girl
9. Lil Wayne-Just Know This
10. Lil Wayne-Streetlife
11. Lil Wayne Ft. Young Money & Willie The Kid-Art Of Storytelling
12. Lil Wayne-B*Tch Say Im Boss
13. Lil Wayne Ft. Ludacris-Last Of A Dying Breed
14. Weezyaveli-Louisianimal(Dissin 50 Cent)
15. Lil Wayne-Cowboy
16. Lil Wayne Ft. Gudda Gudda-Gettin Silly
17. Lil Wayne Ft. Keri Hilson-Turnin Me On
18. Lil Wayne Ft.Jae Millz & Young Gutta-Whateva You Like
19. Lil Wayne & Kanye West-See You In My Nightmares

Disc 2

1. Lil Wayne-B*Tch Its Me
2. Lil Wayne Ft. Drake-Man Of Year
3. Lil Wayne Ft. Mack Maine-Throw It Back
4. Lil Wayne-I Feel
5. Lil Wayne & Scarface Ft. Bun B-Forgot Bout Me
6. Lil Wayne & Hot Boyz-Ya Heard Me
7. Lil Wayne-Guerrilla
8. Lil Wayne & Cassidy-More Money
9. Lil Wayne Ft. Ludacris & Busta Rhymes-Throw It Up
10. Lil Wayne & Jay-Z Ft. T.I. & Kanye West-Swagger Like Us(The Anthem)
11. Lil Wayne Ft. Young Money-I Want It 4ever
12. Lil Wayne Ft. T-Pain-Cant Believe It
13. Lil Wayne & Akon Ft. Young Jeezy-Im Soo Paid
14. Lil Wayne-I Am The Best

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worth the DL anyone?

worth the DL anyone?

nice mix

some recycled. some current. couple i havent heard (where ive been?). worth the dl.
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Most Old Lil New Kinda Worth Da D/L ~Gettin Money Iz Manditory Nigga Beleive Dat Shawty~

Best Wayne mixtape in a long

Best Wayne mixtape in a long time



Yes since I don't share the

Yes since I don't share the same opinion as you I guess I must have just started listening to hiphop......stupid 12 year olds

tell me about it who the

tell me about it who the hell iz that guy

Wayne is the shit

Wayne is the best muthafukin nigga in the game. Weezy F Baby

Lots of older shit but the

Lots of older shit but the dude puts out a new mixtape like every 2 minutes so its all good. Anyone know how this site seeds all this shit? Do the users seed it or wut? cuzz dl's always go fast no matter wut torrent

Users seed and these

Users seed and these torrents are on MixFiend as well so users from there would seed.

for real, this shit is all

for real, this shit is all recycled..if i knew yall wanted this shit ida put it up myself..will nobody else get on this lame shit..haha
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Just go.

Download every LilWayne mixtape from November 5th till now and you have 90% these tracks, then go get Some of these that are either on R&B Callabo Mixtapes or somebody else's album and it's already a single. And the rest are New beats over a old lil wayne freestyle. This is a gift for people who were left without internet for a month or two or wasn't around when the past 5 Wayne Mixtapes dropped.

Yea if u keep up on your

Yea if u keep up on your wayne shit pretty much every mixtape wont seem new but if u havent heard him in like 2 weeks it seems fresh

so basically

so basically 1 out of every 20 lil wayne mixtapes is worth the dl?

this shit stupid old

this shit stupid old

lol every mixtape has to

lol every mixtape has to have BRAND NEW songs on it, thats never gonna happen dumb fucks
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I kno right
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