Cookin Soul & Don Cannon Present Nas - The Lost Tapes 1.5

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1. (00:00:13) Nas - Cannon Intro
2. (00:02:13) Nas - NY State Of Mind Pt. 2 (Feat. Rakim)
3. (00:03:13) Nas - Get Down
4. (00:02:45) Nas - Got Yourself A Gun (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
5. (00:02:20) Nas - The Escobars Vs Manolo Escobar
6. (00:01:48) Nas - You're Da Man
7. (00:02:16) Nas - Last Real Nigga Alive
8. (00:02:47) Nas - Life's A Bitch (Feat. AZ)
9. (00:03:46) Nas - Fast Life (Feat. Kool G Rap)
10. (00:03:41) Nas - Mastermind
11. (00:02:40) Nas - No Ideas Original
12. (00:04:33) Nas - 2nd Childhood
13. (00:01:14) Nas - Revolutionary Warfare
14. (00:01:57) Nas - Rewind
15. (00:03:09) Nas - Surviving The Times
16. (00:02:11) Nas - The Flyest (Feat. Pharrell) (Co-Prod. Spike Miller)
17. (00:03:01) Nas - The World Is Yours
18. (00:01:31) Nas - Thugz Mansion
19. (00:02:50) Nas - U Gotta Love It

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nas plus cookin soul cant go

nas plus cookin soul cant go wrong
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At least Cannon isn't shouting all over it.

It sounds like a lot of old songs over new beats, and some of the songs edit the cuss words out. This is ok I guess, but I FUCKIN' WANT LOST TAPES 2! Def Jam is bullshittin' by not releasing it for some reason. Folks have started an online petition to get Def Jam to release it. Ya'll can sign it if you want to try to help get it out (almost 4,000 have signed it so far):
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that shit should have been

that shit should have been released ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!
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Good lookin out

Wondering why it hadn't dropped yet... -R.I.P. Don Kartel-


Just signed the petition, I encourage others to do so!
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