Nasty Nas & DJ Premier: Pre-Matic Noize Mob DJs

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With Scratch mag dedicating its January 2006 cover to the fantasy of
a DJ Premier and Nas collaboration, the hip-hop world gullibly fell victim
to the hype. And while Nas' recent Def Jam signing means an all-Primo
album is indefinitely out of the question, a handful of Noize Mob DJs
have pieced together what it might sound like. Money Mike, King Smij,
Lt. Dan and Wiz Hoffa all lay tracks down on this blends/remix mixtape.

1 - Pre-Matic Scratch Intro
2 - The Flyest feat. AZ (Money Mike blend)
3 - Got Urself A Gun (Money Mike blend)
4 - Recognize One Love feat. Akon (Money Mike blend)
5 - Virgo feat. Doug E Fresh (Money Mike blend)
6 - The Last Real Nigga Alive (Money Mike blend)
7 - If I Ruled The World (Money Mike blend)
8 - Book Of Rhymes (Money Mike blend)
9 - Small World (King Smij blend)
10 - Salute Me (King Smij blend)
11 - Made U Look Verse (King Smij blend)
12 - Blaze A 50 (King Smij blend)
13 - It’s Mine feat. Mobb Deep & Jadakiss (Lt. Dan blend)
14 - Hate Me Now feat. Jon Conner (Lt. Dan blend)
15 - The World Is Yours (Lt. Dan blend)
16 - Street Dreams feat. Notorious B.I.G. (Lt. Dan blend)
17 - Life’s A Bitch feat. AZ (Wiz Hoffa blend)
18 - Nas Is Like [original]
19 - Represent [original]
20 - Life Is What U Make Of It feat. DMX (Wiz Hoffa blend)
21 - Memory Lane [original]
22 - Come Get Me [original]
23 - Still On My Style feat. Ashanti (Wiz Hoffa blend)
24 - Thief’s Theme Verse (Wiz Hoffa blend)
25 - Fast Life feat. Kool G Rap (Wiz Hoffa blend)
26 - NY State Of Mind [original]
27 - I Gave U Power [original]
28 - NY State Of Mind Pt. 2 [original]
29 - 2nd Childhood [original]

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Nas is like!

Nasty Nas IS number 1. best rap artist ever. all cds and mixtapes are hot so this has to be. he is all about the lyrics. not that gay fake g unit crap. nas is real music.

Another ignorant comment

Another ignorant comment from you. All about the lyrics not that gay fake g unit crap. Do you have any understanding of what MUSIC is? Entertainment. Simple as that. Obviously all you G Unot and G Unit dick swingers are blind to such a simple fact. I listen to all music before rendering if I like the artist or not, you dick ride on someone when they scream bloody murder. Its rather pathetic. This also goes out to anyone riding the dick of any other artist for ignorant reasons. Nas is nasty, cannot wait to hear whats on the mixtape. Bird Of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.

i agree with both of you

i agree with both of you there, but still g unit lil wayne and all those guys are not necessarily fake, but different. I feel that is where the fine line between rap and hip hop is crossed: lyricism and entertainment


That Watz Up
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ok man yer music is Entertainment. do u call Entertainment guns, sex, drugs not really (sometimes when i'm in the club). sometimes i want to hear something that means something. or like a story in a song. listen to streets discple. then come back.

Oh so your saying Nas does

Oh so your saying Nas does not mention ANY of the above in Streets Disciple? You are the one that needs to take a closer listen to Nas's music. It is entertainment, whether you choose to believe it is or not. Guns Sex Drugs entertainment? Yes actually, all of them are. Especially when they are incorporated into MUSIC. Its meant to entertain while also showing the views of the artists. I need not listen to Streets Disciple, I have Nas's Discography and I agree that he is the best lyricist of all, if that is even what you are stating. I also have the discography on my PMP, so I listen to it on a daily basis. My favorite Nas albums would be I Am, StillMatic + Nastradamous. Bird Of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.

Nas half man half amazing

Shit, no matter who the fuck sez what, Nas is king the legend... the difrence is he dosent have little fucken groopie girls int he mall singing his shit like wuts happaing with dipset, sutch as the whistle song, enyway when nas album drops its ganna put NY back on the fucking map, wich really needs to happen, im sick of all this down south fucking paul wall got grillz shit, chopped and screwed, and T.I. "u no how we balll right in them shiney caars" shut the hell up, lyrics are wut counts, and nas is nasty.

Is there a release date

Is there a release date available for his album, or is it still in production? Bird Of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.
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The best nas album has gotta be illmatic. no doubt bout it!
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look man u sound like sum little punk actin hard go spit ye dummy out sumwere else u little bitch!
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New Nas Album Due End Of The Year

i read somewhere around september time. but for sure end of the year time. It's Hip Hop Is Dead.

Nas - "Hip-Hop Is Dead" -

Nas - "Hip-Hop Is Dead" - 9/19 found it on also states the other stated releases of the Def Jam record label. Bird Of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.
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Yo you see here is a what a mixtape should be. Stright up this is real hip hop, real beats. DJ Premier and Nas thats all I have to say.
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get this

i wish it wasnt all matic, anyway, get this

Decent album...but the good

Decent album...but the good songs are good songs.

As im from the UK and your

As im from the UK and your all speaking English . I wish u fuknuts could learn to spell it.