Cookin Soul Presents Big Pun & J Dilla - Big Dilla


01 - Noreaga Intro
02 - Toes Down
03 - Dream Shatterer
04 - Red Made Men
05 - Fat Joe Skit
06 - Twinz React
07 - Running Across Da Bronx
08 - Pun Skit
09 - Oh No Donnt Push
10 - Leather Face Pt 2
11 - Take Dem Clothes Off 100 Percent
12 - Junkilla
13 - Groupies Skit
14 - Thug Vs Player
15 - Outro

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thank god, Ive been trying

thank god, Ive been trying to download this from another site that does direct downloads and its stopped half way, thanks for the torrent. If you need this reviewed then you're already lame and this tape cant help, but a shot of antifreeze sure will
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Lets not forget

RIP Pun and Dilla
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sickkk dropppppp

im waiting on that new soul from wale while im bumpin that hot spitta, jets fool. But this will be put on layaway untill i got time for it