Scetch & Soundwave - Common: Now It All Makes Sense

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1. Act Two (Love Of My Life)
2. I Used To Love H.E.R.
3. The Questions
4. Sungod
5. In The Sun Ft. Black Thought
6. Resurrection (Large Prof. Remix)
7. Sixth Sense
8. High Expectation
9. The Light (J Dilla Remix)
10. Come Close (J Dilla Remix) Ft. Q-Tip
11. Thelonius (Interlude)
12. The Bizness Ft. De La Soul
13. Wouldn't You Like To Ride Ft. Kanye West
14. Supa Start w/ Floetry
15. Doin' It
16. 1,2 Many Niggas
17. Enough Beef
18. Panters (Interlude)
19. The Corner (Remix) Ft. Mos Def
20. Why? (Remix) w/ Nas
21. Invocation
22. The Food w/ Kanye West
23. One Nine-Nine-Nine
24. Get Em' High Ft. Kanye West & Talib Kweli
25. The Bitch In Yoo
26. Real Nigga Quotes
27. Hungry
28. Tekzilla
29. Days Of Our Lives w/ De La Soul
30. Car Horn (Madlib Remix)
31. Getting Down At The Amphitheater Ft. De La Soul
32. The Hustle
33. Funky 4 U (Interlude)
34. We Can Make It Better w/ Kanye
West, Talib Kweli & Q-Tip
35.| Volume 3 Freestyle
36. Wack Niggas w/ Kanye West
37. Like They Used To Say

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Common Wack as fuk

Common Wack as fuk

Common = true hip-hop

HaHa...Why is Common so wack? He's always been in the scene to represent creativity. Keep doin it man!!

Common, wack???

common is prolly one of the most illest mc's doin it right now (and the Roots of course). tru hip-hop heads understand how nice this nigga really is. G.O.O.D music is on the map!


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Common is wack

Common is a fuckin fag he sucks truely i remember when he tried 2 bust a freestyle at some award show...ahahahahahaha da funniest thing ever garbage rapper in a tie.

common is original

common is one of the illest mc's. greatness is not determined by the ability to freestyle but to create a unique style that no one has heard b4. Common is ill because his wordplay and delivery are unlike any other mc yet.


i agree, he prolly has the nycest wordplay. it's one thing to not like common, but its another to doubt his lyrical talent. polar prolly likes that snap yo fingers bee-bop shit, and dont know what real hip-hop sounds like

polar is a pon

polar is an industrial pon