Charles Hamilton - The Binge Vol 1 (Staring At The Lavalamp)


1. Here I Am [Intro]
2. Boredom
3. Come Out And Play (Featuring Proven)
4. Ted Wheeler [Interlude]
5. Freestyle (Featuring C. Nellz)
6. Throw Some Pink
7. Hamiltonian Roast (Featuring Tha Engineer, Rell, Yung Nate, and Jack)
8. Boy Who Cried Wolf
9. Come As You Are (Featuring B-A and IsA)
10. Voice Mail (Featuring HchO and Rell)
11. She Hate Me
12. The Call Me Charles
13. Get Wild (Featuring Hugo Boss)
14. In A Jam

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Hamilton steals beats

Look at this shit: I used to be a fan, but after this.... who knows how much shit he stole. Sure it coulda been a mistake but CH went hard and claimed he did the beat and uploaded his Pro Tools session which proved that he stole it. Whoops. How much of this mixtape is his?
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of course they are stolen beats....

they are mixtapes, the beats that arent stolen or have a shot at getting cleared no one would put out there to get stolen, unless they where an idiot or put out a single to get hype, and if they do get out there like lil wayne's shit they will if it is really thiers sue.... that is the whole reason that Hamilton got the beat, if you listen to the whole video was because the guy had already tried to sell the beat and they couldnt clear the interpolation he made (which was to similair to the original track) so it was worthless to him except as a marketing tool for himself... hamilton got it reworked it added sounds as well as rapped over it and made it just as much his own i would say (considering the interpolation sounds very much like the original song, hence the problem with selling it to begin with)... strangly enough it was black spade who stole it when he made an interpolation that couldnt be cleared and now he is complaining about well if it is nothing new and not right, well then it wasnt right when either did it which is why he cant sue... you cant sue some one for stealing some thing you never owned... and doesnt most of this music glamorize stealing anyhow... just gold chains and peoples money and drugs and cars and "high school rings too"...but nonono never beats that is the oh wait well biggy and puffy jacked alot for what i think is one of the best rap albums ever made "ready to die", but i dont hold it against them, it wasnt what they made but what they brought together... i am not siding with Hamilton (his real problem just like rick ross was to lie about it to begin with) Black Spade needs to get off his high horse and quite calling out little kids for putting out some free mixtape shit. rappers and djs making mixtapes accually jack copy righted material and profit from it and you hear no one complain, other than to say it is old and recycled.

It's One Beat

STFU. It's not like it's going on Hamilton's album. These mixtapes are FREE they don't bring in revenue enough to get royalties for. In the post it's explained as a misunderstanding. Get over it.