Cartune Netwerk Presents Frayser Boy - Back Wit Da Sh*t


01 Frayser Boy - Long Time Comin'
02 Frayser Boy Feat. Lil Lody & Fetti - Memphis Shit
03 Frayser Boy - She Do Her Thing
04 Frayser Boy Feat. Novakane - Heavy
05 Frayser Boy Feat. Novakane - Ain't Runnin' Out
06 Frayser Boy - Frayser Boy Checks In
07 Frayser Boy - They Hate Me
08 Frayser Boy Feat. Criminal Manne - Brand New
09 Frayser Boy - I'm A Beast
10 Frayser Boy Feat. Novakane - Real As It Can Get
11 Frayser Boy - Real Chick
12 Frayser Boy Feat. Polo - All Day
13 Frayser Boy Feat. Novakane - Put It Down
14 Frayser Boy - Frayser Boy Checks In
15 Frayser Boy Feat. Novakane - Choppa Talk
16 Frayser Boy Feat. Novakane - Blow
17 Frayser Boy - My Whole Life A Movie

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damurida514's picture

Been waiting on this!!!!

Frayser Boy always come with that fiya! Auto D/L!
MOBSTAYTRU's picture


Didn't know he left hypnotized minds they definitely finish frayser was like the last one in they crew to show some lyricism ill give this a listen "Born-4-Struggle"


Now LYRICALLY, Infamous was the best by far, but Have you heard Juicy J's Rubba Band Business 2 ????? That nigga stepped it up for real...


Frayser was that dude.I Got to download
ReAl ShIt's picture

Got some cuts on here

$$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$


southern shit is awesome!!! this tape is a must have!!!!!!