The Game - Body Bags (G-Unit Diss)

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From You Know What It Is Vol. 4 / [Dirty/CDQ/NO DJ]

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I thought this lame was done

I thought this lame was done with the beef?

didnt we hear that about 15 times? whats this? a new UKnowWhatItIs... is this nigga about to drop an album? more G Unit beef?

this faggot cant be serious

wouldnt say that to his face

wouldnt say that to his face u e thug if u knew anything u would know yayo slapped a kid which happened to be games manager son so he wrote this dis on yayo, game actually can rap unlike anybody on gunit and most rappers out listen to his songs and compare then to a gunit song about riding big rims and being in the club, gunit is wack if u like gunit ur automatically lose street cred.

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dis shit is hard! i dunno

dis shit is hard! i dunno how many times game gon murder g-unit but i neva get sick of it cuz g-unit juz takin all dis heat like bitches n 50 jus gon recruit mo rappers n ruin dey careers. vol3 was sick i hope vol 4 gon b dedicated 2 da unit too cuz da unit like pinjaras dey juz keep gettin beat on. game alone is takin on da whole bad does gunit suck dat 10+ of dem niggas cant take out 1 man!? do ne rappers even like da unit? seems like most of da rappers out dissin g-unit. 50 recruits all dese rappers jus so he can pay people 2 like him. gunit da nerds n every1 else da bullies cuz da unit is always gon get picked on.

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He wouldnt have done the

He wouldnt have done the track if Yayos bitch ass didnt beat up on lil kids...fuckin faggot

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that kid was games manager's son..thats why game is dissin the unit...


man game needs to stop wit this shit....its a tight diss but damn he seriously beefs more than g-unit now....its fuckin ridiculous. he disses yayo okay i get it (for the record he should be kicked off the unit...smacking!?!!!) but he brings g-unit in it like they even care what game says anymore....g-unit aint dead but they need to cut people....just leave buck, banks, and fifty.....

fo real man, keeps buck

fo real man, keeps buck banks n 50, get Banks and 50 back on that real Hip Hop shit, n ill be down wit G-Unit man, but atm im hatin G-Unit cos dey got shit music (cept Buck) and Yayo hits kids fucken bitch, so as far as im concerned dey deserve ne slangin they get whether it be Game, Cam or even Diddy man.

But in saying that i hope You Know what it is 4 isnt another G-Unit diss album, not saying i dont like those disses n shit, they fucken hilarious, itll just prove all da haters wrong (AGAIN, remind errone that Doctors Advocate didnt have one G-Unit diss) Peace.

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this faggot has lost his

this faggot has lost his mind, they must have just diagnosed this nigga with being BI POLAR

I thought he was cool with Buck? watch - more and more of Game's "people" are going to keep getting smacked up

"this is just music" is that his way of telling us he's a change of heart having bi polar studio thug?

I think so

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dat was jus a rumor..buck n game werent da club buck started makin a scene n takin shit bout game acouple monthes ago. in da beginning of da gunit n game beef game said he coo wit buck but buck started dissin game so game went back at den dey calmed down until buck started talkin shit again. n remeber 50 da 1 who started beef wit every1 from game,dblock,dipset,nas,jay etc,... so y yall keep sayin game n dem needta stop dissin cuz dey alwayz dissin y every1 dissin 50... DATS CUZ 50 STARTED BEEF WIT EVERY1!!

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50 cent creates beef he

50 cent creates beef he thinks he can just flat out destroy any1 yea i mean the guy cant even get artists other than gunit on his records anymore no1 wants 2 fuck wit him shame to cause if he reverts to that old get rich and die tryin shit he'll set the street on fire
but 4 rite now games gotten after gunit the disss was jsut straight silly and theres nothing any1 can say that will make that untrue

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50 sings

50 sings and game is a gangsta rapper, pop, and hip hop are different, and 50 is pop

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get over it..

...50 fell off with "the massacre" and to make money he had to get other artist on his label...since their albums didnt sell shit to their oringal numbers. 50 started movies and shit...but games a bitch, im not goin to go down that"he was a stripper" route...cuz you all know. But really he has to get over it...50 cent and the unit isnt responding coz they dont care...they getting money!..even if it isnt from music...


i agree with the dude above game wouldnt of dissed g unit again if yayo didnt slap that kid.

cool track though i like it.

g unit need to sort it out their seriously wack right now.


The 50 dick riders are so funny. When that fools needs a beef to get promotion (Diddy) no one says shit 50 is like the best. But when Game jumps on his ass every other week and kills his army cuz it used to be a unit now its a army. Game is wack?? Ya'll fuckers are so one sided its sad. 50 destroyed Murda Inc, got big from their demise, ridiculed Ja Rule for singing R&B, now all that snitch and his army does is sing.

I respect that foo for tricking idiots into thinking they can see his money, all the time he's running to the bank stacking more and more. But to be a soldier in the snitch army I dont't think so I rather hear a stripper fuck his peoples up.

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"I rather hear a stripper

"I rather hear a stripper fuck his peoples up." rather hear a male stripper fuck his people eh? "his" people? would this be blackwall street?

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F*ckin Crazy!

this song is Freakin awesome.

Heard about that Bitch Yayo, Gosh, I've never liked him...

His album was shit, and now he's smackin lil kids?

I agree with everyone sayin G-unit should just be Banks, 50, and Buck, Bucks album is freakin sweet.

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in the whole of the doctors advocate he never disses the unit he mentions 50's name like twice and non of them are disses why are everyone on her such haters they just bumfuck 1 rapper or their crew and won't listen to any other rapper to see if they improve, ok i admit it's got a bit boring he's done the unit move on but it's music and thanks to all the people who put it on here stop hating


can somebody tell me why this diss is even out? i mean why is it that when game makes peace with someone he turns his back on it whenever he wants to (aka g-unit & yukmouth beefs). honestly i think he should keep g-unit out of his mouth. honestly i look at this site and there's enough dickriders on both sides and y'all know you ain't switching sides anytime soon. he's real lyrical and people might start to care if he didn't drop so many names and disses. game should really focus on his career right now and focus on his on crew (maybe another bws mixtape or even an album). game isn't going to kill the unit no matter what anyone says. right now the only thing that can kill the unit is the unit and they are showing that (low album sales). and honestly you dumb motherfuckas believin that tony yayo shit got me laughin harder than when the other half of you thought game was a stripper. if you believe one you gotta believe the other cause they both don't make sense.

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I was over this beef, Game runnin out of shit to say, Vol. 4 gonna be filled with the same shit re written about 20 times.

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Update: Game Says The Truce is Over, Attacks G-Unit.

Update: Game Says The Truce is Over, Attacks G-Unit After Alleged Yayo Incident

Barely two weeks after Young Buck and The Game called a truce, the feud has been reignited courtesy of a new diss song by Game.

As previously reported, Buck and Game recently squashed their feud shortly after bumping into one another in Las Vegas. Now, in the wake of G-Unit's Tony Yayo allegedly assaulting Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond's 14-year-old son, The Game, Rosemond's client, has released, "Body Bags"- a track dissing Tony Yayo, 50 Cent and the rest of the G-Unit crew.

"What type of bitch nigga put his hands on kids (homo)/pull up that black van on his (no)/we don't do the kid slapping(nah)/we do the kid snatching/eyewitness, there's been a kidnapping/feed him real good, take him to play with Harlem/sit by the phone, just wait, it's your daddy callin'/nah, we don't get down like that/ but 50's momma, we'll put you in the ground like that (Cuurrtissss)/trying to make peace with Dipset/you ain't even address the beef with Jim yet," Game offered at the top of the second verse.

Chuck Taylor goes further and sticks it to the whole G-Unit crew on the third verse. "Fuck the whole G-Unit," Game declares. "Who lied to Buck?/fuck Spider too, now that's for Big Fase/I know where you counting your sheeps, I'll have some crips wait."

The song ends with Game assuring that the beef won't turn violent. "We ain't gon do shit/I had your crew sick/so play with them like Toy guns and this is just music," Game asserted.

Meanwhile, Fif has also recently dropped a new track of his own entitled, "Straight To The Bank." On the track, he vaguely addresses the alleged incident by name checking Yayo and Rosemond with lines like, "me and yayo got back like high top fades/when I made 50 mill/him got paid/when I made 60 mill, Dre got paid/when I made 80 mill, Jimmy got paid."

In related news, a rally was held in Manhattan, NY yesterday (April 2) to denounce Yayo for the alleged assault. Reverend Al Sharpton and various community leaders threatened to boycott 50 and Game if they don't iron out their differences.

As SOHH previously reported, Yayo (born Marvin Bernard) was arrested two weeks ago for purportedly attacking James Rosemond, the 14 -year-old son of Czar Entertainment honcho Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond. Yayo and his entourage reportedly approached James on a Manhattan street on March 20 and assaulted him for wearing a shirt with a Czar Entertainment logo.

Czar Entertainment manages The Game (born Jayceon Taylor), who was kicked out of G-Unit in 2005 after a dispute with 50 Cent. Sharpton would help negotiate a truce between the rappers after they began a lyrical warfare, but they would eventually go back to feuding again.

"We put the i-n-g in your bling-bling. All of us have children who listen to your music. Some of us listen ourselves," Sharpton said at the gathering, according to the New York Post. "But we don't want to feel like we're investing in the demise of our community."

"We took you at your word," he added, referring to the truce. "You can go against each other, but you cannot go against those you depend on for your livelihood."

"You have to stop the beef, stop the madness," said City Council member Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). "It's out of control."

Sharpton was also joined by the assault victim's mother, Cynthia Reed, who later watched as supporters destroyed 50 Cent and Tony Yayo CDs outside the Broadway offices of Universal Records.

Russell Simmons, who was scheduled to appear at the rally with the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), chose not participate because they did not want to appear to be taking sides.

"HSAN is impartial and will not take sides in this dispute," Simmons said in a statamement. " hope the issues between Tony Yayo and Jimmy Henchman and Czar Entertainment will be resolved peacefully and as soon as possible."

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oh snap

game needs beef

his raps on diss tracks are tight and if it isn't a diss track, hes just bring the west back, rollin in a 64, twistin dro and being like every other nig from the west

this track is HOT, straight up

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer


GoudaChalupa wrote:
game needs beef

his raps on diss tracks are tight and if it isn't a diss track, hes just bring the west back, rollin in a 64, twistin dro and being like every other nig from the west

this track is HOT, straight up

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer


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haha gunit n 50 aint gon sell no mo

a group of people were smashing 50 n yayo n gunit cds in ny n carrying signs BAN 50! haha gunit done man cuz most of gunit fans r kids n yayo beats kids up so dey aint gon cop dat shit no mo. most of da rappers hate gunit n now most of da listeners hate gunit dey finally done!

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Beef ?

another game diss he maybe has like 200 disses i bet he diss his mom


Come on people......50 isnt gunna do less than "the massacre", "Buck The World" is on its way up....and if you think that shit is trash, you dont know music let alone hip hop. As for Game....keep doin your thing, cuz he will never be 50 an Wall street will never be the Unit. Game is talented an is a BiG name but come on, a man that stay's dissin a group that he used to be in pretty much means he's got nothing left to spit about!!! If Game was smart he'd slowly workout something with G-Unit and make a track or even a CD with them!!! Who wouldnt but it? GAME's NO ICON yet so he can keep hatin!!!

If we think 50 n da unit are

If we think 50 n da unit are trash we don't know hip hop?! It's cause of bitches like you that hip hop is in its current state, you retarded fuck. It just aint worth responding to dumbasses like you, but sometimes i just can't hold it.

who you rep?

who ya rep buddy? what dont ya like about G-Unit? Cuz groups want that success an money they get? Come on man lets be real, they far from trash!!!

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shuuuuuuut up

No. They are trash, and this is called polysemy, motherfucker - that is, rap has different meanings to diff people. And the two (main) meanings are:
1) Rap, for shit cunts like you, which is simply a form of entertainment which gives you a sense of self-identity as some kinda gangsta who for example, fucks with g-unit. And,
2) Rap, in its original form, which is a shared text which talks about the problems of poor black and latino youth - giving a form of expression of opression as well as entertainment. That means it serves a 'civic function' to help disadvantaged brothers to be inspired to get out of the ghetto and help their community, not just a money making machine.
Only reason 'rappers' like g-unit make that kinda money and force real rappers like De La Soul to wish they were making that kinda wealth is cos there are more ppl in group 1) then there are in 2) and thats only cos 1) is made up of tween and teen whiteboys who wish they were thugs, probably just cos their dads dont give em enough attention.
And dont be goin off cos im using big words and not typing like an e-thug cos as soon as you understand how this shit works, the sooner you can see how shit g-unit is.


honestly i wanna know the rap you listen to. cause everyone talks about the money, the cars, the clothes and the bitches. it's real rare to find rap that talks about the problems of black and latino youth that doesn't talk about money. unless you are listening to groups like blackstar you ain't going to hear anything positive. and if you say g-unit is trash that is a reflection of the whole including the d-blocks, the diplomats, the bws, and the terror squads. everyone saw g-unit's success and copied them. everyone started to have groups and everyone started to beef. if you blame g-unit you got to blame them all cause g-unit started it and everyone else finished it cause they all wanted the money. and btw i do blame everyone including the unit.

just because you like gunit

just because you like gunit doesnt mean you like the diplomats, or dblock- they all have different styles, flows... but true- lyrically it is similar content

also- Everyone saw G-unit's success and copied them? What do you mean by that? You really think G-Unit was the first group to do this?

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Yeah but...

Nahh that kinda rap aint rare its just underground which is why you dont hear about it. The Roots are huge and they do entertaining AND talkin bout the problems...and they are some smart brothers. Then there is Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Termanology, Common, GLC, Consequence, sometimes Kanye, so many others and you can even see that shit in these hardcore rappers every now and then when they do some personal shit. Fuck it, even KRS-One's 'Sound of Da Police' was some real shit talking for group 2), just listen to the lyrics.
Beef and reppin your set has been going on for a lil longer than g-unit too. Try the 'The Bridge' (MC Shan) and 'The Bridge is Over' (Blastmaster KRS-One, Scott La Rock) some old school beef for you...back in the days when new york ran hip-hop. BUT i do agree with you about how everyone does it, i just wouldn't blame them all cos its actually the jews who control this shit and Chuck D has talked about this problem over and over.
I get what you mean, but if i'm going to blame anyone, it's going to be Jimmy Iovine and Rick Rubin.

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u forgettin 2 pac,crazy bone , 57th street rogue dog villians

u forgettin 2 pac,crazy bone , 57th street rogue dog villians,nas and many more
even ja rule used to rap bout that shit..

You certified crazy

I got to work with what you gave me
Claiming' I'm a criminal and you the one that made me
They got me trapped in this slavery
now I'm lost in this Holocaust headed for my grave G
I told Sam he could fuck the war
and got a busted jaw for sayin' fuck the law
and if you wonder why I'm mad check the record
What's a nigga got to do to get respected?
Sometimes I think I'm gettin' tested
And if I don't say yes a nigga's quick to get arrested
That's the reason I stay zested
I keep a vest on my chest in case the cops are gettin' restless
Walk around ready to light shit up
And since my life is fucked, some say I'm slightly nuts
Buck, buck is the sound as I move up
Other niggas pay attention when I'm fool, bust
They make a nigga be a killer I used to be a dealer
But they wanted to see who's realer
Now them same mothafuckas wanna murder me
And I wonder If the Lord ever heard of me (uh)
I need loot so I'm doin' what I do
And don't say shit until you've walked in my shoes
There was no other destiny to choose
I had nothin' left to lose so I'm singin' nigga blues

[Chorus: 2Pac & Govenor]
Can't you see, we're raised to all be thugs
Make's us do the things we do
Got to let a Outlaw make moves
(A nigga got to pay the fuckin' rent)

Why did you slang crack (Cause I had to)
Why did you pack straps (Cause I had to)
Why did you jack the scratch (Cause I had to)
A nigga got to pay the fuckin' rent

Poppa need brand new shoes
but what the fuck can a nigga do
My little boy got to eat too
So why must I sock a fella
Just to live large like Rockafella?
And did you ever stop to think
I'm old enough to go to war
But I ain't old enough to drink
Cops want to hit me with the book
And you're hooked on my eye don't give a fuck look
Make your rules I'm a break 'em
No matter how much you make 'em
You show me bacon I'm a take 'em
So don't you ever tempt me
I'm a fool for mine nigga and my pockets stay empty
to my brothers In the barrio
You livin' worse than the niggas In the ghetto so
I give a fuck about your language or complexion
You got love from the niggas in my section
Got love, you got problems with the punk police
Don't run from the chumps get the pump from me
We ain't free I'll be damned if I played a trick
For a blonde hair blue-eyed Caucasian bitch (Bitch!)
Down with my homeboy Rich
Fuck a snitch and a groupie ass bitch
And the nigga with a cellular phone
Leave his baby at home so he can go out and bone (That ain't right)
And you wonder why we blazin' niggas
Cause you punks havin' babies can't raise the niggas (What's up kid)
And they bound to be fuckups too
Drinkin' forties of brew singin' nigga blues

(Hey Pac, say what?)

[Chorus: 2Pac & Govenor]
Why did you slang crack (Cause I had to)
Why did you pack straps (Cause I had to)
Why did you jack the scratch (Cause I had to)
Come on, Come on Now I'm headin' for the mothafuckin' penn

[Outro: 2Pac & Govenor] 4x
Can't you see we're raised to all be thugs
Makes us do the things we do you got to let a Outlaw
Make moves and get a grip
That's to you
yeah i'm fly bitch!!!!!!!!

i ain't dumb

first of all i ain't dumb i know g-unit wasn't the first to do any of that shit but it's a sign of the times. beef has almost always been but at the same time there hasn't been nearly as much of it since the unit came out cause y'all support it now more than ever before. and yea dblock was out before g-unit but it was a family thing not just let's get an artist and put him in our clique. and you are mistaking what i'm saying. and by rare i ain't saying that you can't find artists out there i mean that the people on sites like this would rather hear and post a game dissing vida guerra track than anything by the roots or consequence. and underground rap ain't what it use to be either. i use to listen to the tradegy khadafis, the jmt (jedi mind tricks)'s, the pharoahe monch's , the non phixions and the gemini's. so don't tell me i don't know about the underground just cause i don't like who all is in it right now

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i wasnt stabbin at ya so ma bad if it came across like that.
but u made some pretty big calls in your first thing that were kinda wrong...i get what you mean now though.
beef has always been big if you were from the area where a click fought, only reason its feels bigger now is cos there's more ways to spread it and rap has turned global.
krs-one didnt have the internet but south bronx was all over that shit.
and you're right, lyricism has gone to the shit but you can still find it if you search

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ma bad

this shit got put through twice

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dats sum bullshit

dblock n terror squad came way b4 gunit n dipset came da same time as gunit n thurr was a shitload of otha groups wayy betta den gunit n b4 den. gunit jus here cuz of eminemz success. man beef been around ova 2 decades. 50 da 1st 1 jus 2 start beef wit every1 in da industry so he can get publicity n play pretend dat he's dis hard gangsta nigga. dblock n dipset n ts aint start beef till 50 started talkin shit 2 dem prob cuz all dem got more street cred n dey way better den gunit. i dunno wats wrong wit 50 but i think dat bullet dat hit him in da face fukked up mo den his speech cuz he thinks he's tony montana n pac cept he cant act he aint gangsta n he cant rap.

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co-sign. 50 even said to ma$e 'mason betha/i'ma steal that watch now' in 'how to rob'. then 5 something years later he signs the fuck - and watch how far that went, even 'extraordinary' which was an aiiight radio banger went fuckin nowhere cos ppl are sick of g-unit. He doesnt even take the beef he starts seriously, that shit is all just for attention like a lil kid.
Mainstream crowd is over rap now cos of shit like this, rap became so predictable when g-unit reached its peak and thats a fucking shame.

i don't think

i don't think mase or his single are on the g-unit camp. you know if he was 50 would talked his shit up. and how to rob was a diss to everybody in the game from mase to jay-z. it wasn't serious everyone knew it was to promote himself

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yeah fair enough

k i checkd n with the first thing your right, ma$e only associated with g-unit and appeared in 50's window shopper video, even after the diss but he was never signed despite appearing in xxl mag with a g-unit spinner chain. so my point still stands cos 50 starts beef and doesnt even take it aint like ima kill you, its more like lets make some money off the hype.
You can't say tho that nobody took offence at 'how to rob' im pretty sure it was a catalyst in the jadakiss beef.

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fucked up


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nice beat, thight flow. That

nice beat, thight flow. That shit is fiya!!

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i love this song lmaooooooo

hotChoklat's picture

death of g-unit

listenin to that hot97 shit at the start of bodybags on the you know what it is vol.4 dont it sound like what we all been waitin for is gonna happen just cos the big market is over rap completely?
Watch this shit, when it stops being cool to listen to rap, only motherfuckers thats gonna be left is the brothers who been speaking the truth the whole time cos white people aint gonna wanna feel n*ggerous or gangsta any more and they is gonna turn to heavy rock and alll that shit to feel energised since they werent even listenin to the lyrics in the first place.

Motherfuckers destroyed what could have been the best, smartest and most honest music to ever exist.

Hot as a mother

oh hell i burned myself this shit is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!