Bizkit Presents Jadakiss - Jadakiss Time


01. Stay Ten Toes Down
02. Conglomerate (Feat. Jadakiss & Busta Rhymes)
03. Cant Stop Me
04. Who Run This (Feat. Jay-Z)
05. Dont Start NothinÆ
06. When I Grow Up (Feat. Max B)
07. For The City
08. How It Was Supposed To Be (Remix)(Feat. Ryan Leslie)
09. LetÆs Ride (Feat. Josh Xantus)
10. By My Side (Feat. Ne-Yo)
11. Firm Biz
12. Letter To B.I.G.
13. Now Til Then
14. 4 Da Fam
15. Survival In The city
16. Lose Ya Life (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
17. Bang Bang (Feat. Rashad)
18. Thats My Nigga (Feat. Sheek Louch)
19. Mornings Was Hashbrowns
20. The Predator Is Back
21. Like Ohh (Remix)(Feat. Jim Jones)
22. This Shit I Need
23. You Dont Want It (Feat. Sheek Louch)
24. Its Like That (Feat. The LOX)
25. Rock It Out (Feat.. Fabolous)
26. BET Cypher (Feat. Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, & Fabolous)
27. Choreographer (Remix)(Feat. Rhea)
28. So Fly (Remix)(Feat. Slim)
29. Pop Champagne (Remix)(Feat. Ron Browz)
30. Arab Money (Remix)
31. Whats Up (Feat. Chamillionaire)
32. A Milli
33. Death Wish (Feat. LilÆ Wayne)
34. Hercules
35. Slide
36. Deeper Than Rap
37. 6 Minutes (Feat. Team Arliss)
38. Summertime (Remix)
39. All I Need (Remix)(Feat. Sterling Simms)
40. Stilettos (Remix)(Feat. Lee Carr)
41. Terrified (Feat. Avery Storm)

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Thank U

Now this is how mixtapetorrent should be.There aren't hundreds of comments by little kids e-thuggin.U wont see any spam now because you cant just be a guest anymore.Now maybe we can have some quality feedback on how the mixtape is. If you listen to jadakiss, you prolly have most or all of these songs.Most of these are prolly 1 or 2 minute tracks.But if you dont have these,you should d/l because jada is one of the best.
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hit it right on the nose bro

dude i could not agree wit you more!!!!!! This might sound kinda pathetic but this shit made my fuckin whole week bro haha, i am SO SICK of these little kids posting that "first" shit, i dont know why but that drives me SO FUCKIN NUTS and makes me so mad and im so glad thats all over with, i just hope mfizzle keeps it this way, its say maybe in the future the guest can post again, I HOPE NOT and will prolly not use this site anymore if i get use to things being "NORMAL" and then it goes back to the bullshit again, i will be GHOST!!! no more arguing, no more free gucci, lil wayne sucks dick, the GayGay shit, you know all that bullshit! I like to talk MUSIC, i like to give my opinion on the mixtapes, but it always turns into me defending myself cause im full of pride and cannot help myself LOL, so i spend hours fighting wit these little cornball clowns on here, WELL NOT ANYMORE, this is beautiful my man, just beautiful haha!!! And the funny part is that these little fuck bags are reading this shit right now AND CANNOT RESPOND hahahahaha, thats so fuckin funny to me, all they can do now is sit and read, they cant start shit anymore, and if they do mfizzle can just band there account, there will be NO MORE HIDING, thats why they are "guest", i been saying it for MONTHS AND MONTHS, they dont make an account because they like to hide and disguise theirselfs with different names everyday, and they make it seem like 100 ppl dont like me when its prolly 1 or 2 ppl doing it LOL, well congrats to fizzle for doing this and hopefully this website ends up alot better than it has been the past year!!! good fucking lookin fizzle, congrats bro you finally are taking a step foward in making this website RIGHT, the way it SHOULD BE :-) "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"

yea i did have quite a few

yea i did have quite a few of these but Jadakiss shit never gets old. Cant wait for that album.
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OhHH it's JD food food for

OhHH it's JD food food for garbage ppl ////JA DA the pants are tight The food is garbage // JA DA The athens is my ass for this lil cut razor im from the zoo of gayness that song he saaang yyyyyyyup he's a hippie for sure J A D A dumbass don't download!