Big Inf Presents M.O.P. - All Out War Pt 2


01. Intro
02. Blow The Horn
03. Monster
04. Dearly Departed
05. For The City
06. March 9
07. Gangster Boy
08. Undescriable
09. Thug-A-Thon
10. Get Rich
11. M.O.P Party
12. My City
13. Mosh Pit
14. Transition Of Power
15. Brooklyn
16. Security
17. Return Of The Marxman
18. No Holds Barred
19. Savages
20. Push Back
21. They Shootin
22. Welcome To The Machine Rmx
23. Jealousy
24. Ima Kill Ya
25. Not By You
26. This Is For The Geez
27. Mash Out Connections
28. Come Off That
29. Fall Back
30. Ante Up (Laze-E-Laze Remix)

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MOP shout out!

MOP is 1 of my favorite group and plus they always kill it HAITI ALL DAY!

This is a Go

This mixtape is put together nice for those m.o.p fans. Even if you not this is a must d/l> real street dudes spitting real street music. M.O.P always been and still is the hardest out.

yeah this is dope....with

yeah this is dope....with the mo pee u'd expect that gully grimey gutter shit, an this is exactly what u get here...billy n fame get u hyped up for the day like nobody else can besides maybe onyx n tony starks....when i had this real crappy job a few years ago each day before work id throw on some How About Some Hardcore, Ante Up, U Don't Know rmx, NY Giantz, Cold As Ice, Downtown Swingin, etc and i'd be ready to go