Beltway 8 Boyz - Candy Slabs Vol. 1(Sittin On Glass)

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01-mike_moe_young_clint_and_billy_cook-let_me_come_down.mp3 6.20 MB
02-trae-swang_ft._fat_pat_and_h.a.w.k.mp3 8.01 MB
03-young_jeezy-get_ya_mind_right.mp3 6.97 MB
04-kansas_city-skit.mp3 318.72 KB
05-scarface-pimp_hard_ft._z-ro_juvenile_and_petey_pablo.mp3 10.31 MB
06-bun-b-get_throwed_ft._pimp_c_z-ro_young_jeezy_and_jay-z.mp3 7.81 MB
07-the_major_labels-skit.mp3 472.57 KB
08-h.a.w.k-h-town_stomp_(exclusive).mp3 8.25 MB
09-jobe-next_victim.mp3 5.13 MB
10-young_clint-freestyle.mp3 7.90 MB
11-yung_meezy_of_lawson_ok_crips-skit.mp3 140.25 KB
12-t.i.-ride_wit_me.mp3 6.95 MB
13-the_flea-carverdale_(skit).mp3 400.75 KB
14-notorious_b.i.g-spit_your_game_ft._twista_and_bone_thugs-n-harmony.mp3 7.68 MB
15-lou_young_clint_crooks_and_mike_moe-freestyle.mp3 6.30 MB
16-lil_wayne-mo_fire.mp3 5.42 MB
17-webbie-like_that.mp3 7.92 MB
18-twista-chocolate_fees_and_redbones_ft._johnny_p.mp3 6.84 MB

candyslabs1.torrent19.08 KB

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Wellz Na parada

Wellz Na parada
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Screwed & Chopped

Beltway 8 definitly knows how to screw/chop tapes. This is an older tape. It has some cuts on here though. That H-Town Stomp by H.A.W.K goes hard. If anyone wants the album art for this I got it, holla at me.
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yeah but did you know pollie

yeah but did you know pollie pop is the man who did all of them
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Na, I didnt know that, thats what up tho!!!
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good look

good look