Kanye Vs. Curtis - Who Will Win The Showdown Sept. 11th?

Kanye West / Graduation
56% (13846 votes)
50 Cent / Curtis
44% (10687 votes)
Total votes: 24533

in terms of sales, i think

in terms of sales, i think 50 will win because he's got most of the white population that buys rap albums on lock. Or atleast more than Kanye does. Ask 10 white teenagers that listen to rap if they got any 50 albums, i'd say atleast 7 of 10 do. Not the same with Kanye. "fightin n fuckin, the same thing - we stick n move"


Out of all the white folks I know - I'm about the only one who still BUYS CDs. Having said that - nice shot at an argument - Kanye will sell more because more females listen to his music, and they still buy CDs. I'll likely buy both - I know I'll pick up Kanye's album, and 50's will occupy my shelf space if I hear less of the stuff I've been hearing on the radio lately, and more real music. For the record Kanye's previous CDs, and 50's are classics, to me anyway. I would pick Kanye though if I had to only buy one.

whatever, buy download or

whatever, buy download or steal, i dont care. if were still talking about sales here, 50 is WAY more internationally popular than Kanye. Also, i know females listen to Kanye, but u think Kanye gets more female listeners than 50? i don't think any other rapper in the game gets more female listeners than 50, i mean he made "Candyshop"!! On the other hand, i do agree with u, i'd rather bump Graduation than Curtis. "fightin n fuckin, the same thing - we stick n move"

I think that 50 will sell

I think that 50 will sell more for sure, but Kanye will most definitely have the better album. I think 50's first was a classic, The Massacre was good, but from what I've heard lately 50 fell off. I'm white and the majority of my white friends will buy Curtis for sure, but I'm buying Graduation first thing and maybe downloading Curtis, but most likely not even that.

Yeah I'm not even excited

Yeah I'm not even excited about 50's album anymore, I was crazy into it when i heard he was recording - but my interest fizzled after his newer songs hit the internet & radio. I'm still excited about Kanye though - his album will be better, although i wish he had some more guest spots though - Common mostly, but just more than the three or four he has on the leaked tracklist.


Totally agree with you man. So pumped when I heard Fif was droppin new shit, and then I heard it and all I can do is laugh.



M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ people

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ people wanna hate 50 cuz it seems like its the 'in' thing to do to like if your feelin 50, people think ya fake and your not real ca hes supposedely a snitch, and your not real unless you listen to d-block etc. its all bullshit. nowadays its like people arent listenin to the actual music there just listenin to all the hype surrounding it. i like 50, kanye, d block, and dipset too but out of all of them i probably listen to 50 more which is strange coz all the others are definately better rappers than 50, but what makes a good track to listen to is the beat. and 50's got the best consistant beats. get rich or die tryin is a classic, the massacre was shit but from what iv heard from this curtis album im feelin it - alot more than kanye's infact kanye's is sounding WEAK at the minute. and every1 50 will definately win in terms of sales. 100%.

So What

I dont give a fuck im downloading both CD's.....LOL J-MO THE GREAT

Selling Out

And you wonder why everyone is selling out, changing their music - sacrificing for the sales nowadays. You should be ashamed.

The Winner

Of course its gonna be Fifty...Not by much though...Fifty and Kanye both get sales from whitey..Blacks and Mexicans bootlegg the shit...So its all about who can become the best house nigga from now till the 11th...And who the fuck are they for releasing on such a horrible day..Most of the fuckin United States will be praying and protesting...Good luck with record sales cuz ITS THE DROUGHT SEASON NIGGA...
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ha ha

50 goin win...why do u think he pushed his album back? everyone worldwide will be gettin' the album..not just the U.S....kanye is just gettin' released in the U.S....50 a smart dude..he know kanye competition...good rap vs bad rap...the bad guy always wins..ha ha..i'm buyin' that shit when it comes out...sorry kanye..i don't feel your music..try harder


how can you make a comment saying 50 will win with a dip-set pic whats all that about? and i don't care what anyone says kanye spits the truth listen to both of his previous albums he don't try to be gangster he's real i think kanye will outsell 50 because everyones getting bored pf hearing the same old shit from him and he put his album back because he wasn't happy with the songs that was going to be released on it he needs to start spitting fire he's made his millions he should go back to real rap not candyshop he's to bothered about making money still he should bring his new artist's trough let them make the money and shine

50 gonna win..

cause like dude said he pushed his shit back so it gets released internationally. I mean if he didn't it would have been release here in the U.S. and everyone from like say the U.K. would have have just downloaded it. And plus there that joint peep show show 50's been keep under lock and key wit eminem, i heard the chorus to that and man that shit is gonna be another banger just like "I get it". Come on now yall how can u not feel "I get it" beats hot, everybody and there moms doin somethin over that my man uncle murder did one bitch ass cassidy did one hell rell did one i think, aint gonna be long till D block does one lol
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50 cent WILL win but Kanye West SHOULD win. But like somebody already said...who cares I'm downloading both of em before September 11! HAHA!!!!

Selling Out

You're ruining the quality of music - support real(ism) hip hop, download the garbage. I download too, but I buy the cds I enjoy. It's not like they're real expensive, I buy a few every month ... and I'm on a budget, son!


Showdown? I'm guessing this refers to who will sell more. 50 should easily win. Here's my reasoning........50 already has created the all important buzz with the whole "not good enough" thing. He supposively pushed his album back to this date because Jimmy Iovine didn't like the response his first few single were getting. Secondly, generally speaking, it's the Caucasian female that goes out and purchases the albums. 50 is a business man, he knows that, that's why his music has been headed that way in recent years. Go listen to the first couple barz of "I Get Money," it says it all. Thirdly, 50 seems to have some magical power over his faithful. His fan base is WAY stronger than Mr. Wests'. Just look at everything he has dropped on this site alone. Kanye's "Can't Tell Me Nothing Remix" has been up for over two weeks now while there was a G-Unit single posted yesterday that already has more comments than it. Fourthly, 50 is well known worldwide. Enough said. Personally, I would feel a lot better buying "Graduation." "Get Rich or Die Trying" was classic, but I haven't heard much of anything worth listening to since then. "I took quarter water, sold it in bottles for two bucks/ then Coke-a-Cola came and bought it for fiends, that's what's up/ have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire/ I'll write the check before the baby comes, who the hell cares?" -50 Cent Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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the first verse actually

the first verse actually goes like this and shit is fire... I take quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks,Coca-Cola came and bought it for billions, what the fuck? have a baby by me; babybe a millionaire i write the check before the baby comes,who the f**k cares Im stanky rich Ima die tryna spend this shit Southside's up in in this bitch Yeah i smell like the vault i used to sell dope i did play the block now i play on boats in the south of France baby, St. Tropez Get a tan? im already black Rich? I'm already thatgangsta, get a gat hit a head in a hat call that a riddle rap shit, f**k the chitter chat I'm the baker, i bake the bread the barber, i cut ya head the marksman, i spray the lead"I blood clot, chop ya leg"do not f**k with the kid i get biz wit the cigg come where you live ya dig? and if u dont think thats hot then your hateing


Yeah I am pretty sure 50 will win this but I hope kayne beat is monkey ass (sales).Sell more don't mean 50 is better ... He was using this logic while dissin d block and we all know 50 got is mouth shut.So think twice before posting another comment thx


He uses this logic with everyone(Dipset as well). Why do you think he named the album, "Curtis?" But can you blame him? We are talkin' bout the MUSIC industry aren't we? You actin' like D-Block beat him up or something. He still makin' money, just wait till the album drop. Furthermore, you acting like you gonna throw a cyber punch at me for stating the truth. If you ask me, you right, D-Block did get at 'em. Jay-Z always sold more than Nas but if you ask me about that, I'd say Nas is, and always been dat dude......So, what the f*ck you talkin' bout? "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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Curtis will sell better, but

Curtis will sell better, but not as good as previous albums, The Game has made his mark on 50 and hes lost alot of his fans as hes "fallen" off, and one of them was me. I really dont like him now, he makes good beats, but duh, mostly produced by Dre, so obviously. Ill be downloading both tho, not buying any of them.. I only buy 2pac, Game, B.I.G and T.I. Cd's, and maybe the one of such as i bought Young Buck's CD to support him aswell.


You buy T.I.'s CDs, but not Kanye? I just don't understand that ...
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he won already..

he won already man...why you think 50 got so many singles out...nope..they don't suck cuz ppl are still talkin & listenin' to him..you know ppl goin buy the album...but hes already makin' money before the album drop...thats right..ringtones..he makin enough $$$ off them ringtones...he a smart dude...50 knows the market...even if kanye beats him (just by abit if not more)50 already has $$$ flow'd in by them ringtone companies...trust me...

The only Cd's I'd buy

The only CD's I'd buy is from the entire Wu-Tang and gang. Maybe Brotha Lynch if he ever drops again. A few other's here and there, most of this new shit is garbage, but as a classic hip hip fan I'd have to say Kanye has got it, he's one of the few who has gotten better, good style, good flow, and produces his own shit, sampling or not. Fuck 50's pop music if it wern't for em n dre he'd have nothing for beat's/guest. Word


New Rae, going to be hot! I'll cop Wu any day - especially after those Think Differently tapes hit us a while back, and Ghost new shit ... Don't get me started on Wu ...
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50 got all da fans / Ain' no

50 got all da fans / Ain' no Street Niggas going to buy Kanye / even though they both fire to me but Amma buy da 50 / kanye well ... ya know

White boy input

I couldn't give a fuck if 50 fell off the face of the earth. This shit is coming from a middle class white boy livin in Canada. I've been listenin to hip hop since 97. I copped Money Power & Respect when it first dropped and I was hooked like a homeless man addicted to rock. In my opinion D-Block is the only gang to listen to. I'm a Diplomat fan but they are just way too full of themselves. I mean besides Jones and Cam who you don't hear much of lately what is the average age in their crew? D-Block has been droppin hot shit for a decade now. I watched the Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin movie a couple of years back and I've never disliked 50 so much. I don't buy retail cds anymore. In fact the last album that I bought was The Massacre. I bought it the day it came out and it was the biggest waste of $10 in my life. I didn't even listen to all of the songs cause so many of them were just pure garbage. The fact that it was number one for 6 weeks is just discusting. I guess I was one of those white boys supporting him. I was giving him a last chance you could say. So two and a half years later I haven't listened to a full song of his. He looks so ridiculous on all of the mixtape covers. He's one ugly ass nigga for sure. If Em didn't introduce him to Dre back in 00 he'd be a nobody still livin with his grandma in Queens. And about Kanye... pure pussy music. I mean is his shit really labelled hip hop?? It's gotta be listed as r&b!! It's the kinda music you put on in your ride if you're tryin to get down a girl's pants. He's an alright producer mind you. I can guarantee that tons of girls will buy his next album. The shit to watch out for in 07/08.... Ultimate Victory (09/18), Diary of a Soulja (Nov)(Juve), I Can't Feel My Face (Weezy/Santana), Tha Carter III (08), and For The Hell Of It (09/25). How can people pay money for 50 and Kayne's music when you can listen to shit like that? There is so much talent in the rap game right now. Putting 50 on your Ipod is just plain retarded.


you're dumb as hell too... while you sit and talk about real hip hop, you throw out bullshit. if you want some real hip hop dawg, why not check out some Aesop Rock, NYOIL, Mos Def, Kweli, Planet Asia, Dilated Peoples, Immortal Technique, Jedi Minds... damn I can go on... And for a white boy, u pretty quick to drop nigga like u came up in that struggle. I'm asking you, respectfully, to refrain from using that term.


Agreed 100% + Pharoahe Monch, a few Wu heads & Common.
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i thought Rell was droppin

i thought Rell was droppin 9/11 too?????

i only registered for the site so i could say

Immortal Technique........ like carlos mecia said its like bragging about winning the special olympics...yea you won but you're still retarded......if i had a knife to my throat though i'd say kanye
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def 50

even though 50 blows i bet he'll win just because everyone knows him


I dont care what there battleing in. 50 Wins easy. 50 and Kanye they shouldnt even be in the same conversation. I dont no what dumb people been voting 4 Kanye but yoll will see on Sept. 11th. If Kanye was smart he would move his Graduation shit 2 the next month or something.


blazin_nigga06 wrote:
I dont care what there battleing in. 50 Wins easy. 50 and Kanye they shouldnt even be in the same conversation. I dont no what dumb people been voting 4 Kanye but yoll will see on Sept. 11th. If Kanye was smart he would move his Graduation shit 2 the next month or something.
finally some truth

fuk yall fake a$$ niggaz

fuk yall fake a$$ niggaz talkin all that shit bout dem white people r the only buyin n bangin 50's shit, if yall was in a real hood u would kno 50's shit be poppin all day. visit em faggots, dont be scared just tuck ur fake chain in b4 it get tooken by a 8yr old...

Are you people stupid?

I'm amazed at the stupidity of some of you cats. First off, 50 is not as popular as most of you seem to think. I have no idea how many of you think you have your ears posted out, but you guys aren't on point. 50's beats top Kanye's? Someone brought out "Candyshop" as 50's ladies song (it was a club banger for a minute)... and overlooked Overnight Celebrity & Slow Jams (this still bangs at some clubs). Kanye still has some of the most in demand beats in the game right now, so whoever tried to throw that argument out there needs to shut the fuck up. Kanye is actually bigger on the international scene than 50 Cent. Most cats outside of the US arent trying hear all the bullshit people like 50 spits daily, and most people who listened to that shit at all are getting tired of it. And to let all yawl know... most of the people who buy 50s shit are mid to upper class teenage white girls. Real niggas dont listen to that bullshit. He aint lyrical in any way and he doesn't even know what he's talking about most of the time. None of the niggas I know would even think of copping his shit and we're all from various hoods around the country. Oh... and those rich white girls love Kanye... everybody loves a rebel. Get yawl minds right before yawl post some more dumb shit.

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ yea

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ yea woteva then you pussy ole how can you say that kanye is more international than 50 ? im from england and i know that aint the case cuz when kanye comes here he plays in minor cities in small venues. when 50 comes it sells out in every MAJOR arenas in big cities i know cuz iv SEEN it. point 2. the 2 kanye tunes u mentioned are how old? wot im sayin is 50 makes beats are versatile cuz he makes tunes for niggaz & girls. AYO technology girls - funeral music niggaz get my point? plus people listen to 50's shit cuz they wanna know who he's cussin - Kanye ant got no beef wid no1 i sell cds and whenever 50's mixtapes come out every1 (NIGGAZ, NOT WHITE LITTLE TEENAGE GIRLS)buys them just to see what hes gotta say even if theyre not feelin it always sell more cds when theyres a new 50 mixtape so hush ya mout fakehead.

First off dawg

Quit tryna thug it out over the net (wow... a british white boy thinking he's an American brotha from the hood)... if you want to talk trash, you can come see me out here in Cali and we can discuss your attitude man to man (I'm in the Bay right now and if you wanna holla, send me a message). Now, contrary to what you believe, cats from the hoods out here don't consider you "british chaps" to be real. Hoods are everywhere, but we really... just don't give a fuck about yawl spots. Do you hear any artist give a shoutout to England or Greece or India or some shit like that? No... you hear shoutouts to Chicago, NY, ATL, Cali, New Orleans, Miami, etc... Now, on to what I need to say. Those 2 KW joints I mentioned are hella old, and they still get bump in the club. That defines classic status. 50's joints are seasonal. They bump for a season and then they're forgotten. Time it yourself, you'll be amazed. Now, when I refer to international, I don't just refer to England dawg. Contrary to another belief of yours, your country is not the only country that matters in Europe (and in the rap game, it doesn't really matter at all... no offense but the figures speak for themselves). Now on to the real. Maybe Kanye gets minor play in England (I doubt that one, by the way... the man is a walking hit machine... any song he's on becomes a billboard hit), but he's always been a big hit in the international scene. Last I checked actually, his singles are higher than 50's and his albums have sold more overall (not 100% sure about that though... Get Rich sold quite a bit quickly but died down in fervor afterwards and 50s other shit tanked in comparison). 50 makes beats for everyone? No... he makes songs for bitches now... and thats it... Kanye makes joints for the heads, the ladies... all crowds in general. C'mon man... yawl need to jump off this cat... Ask him how can he run NY from Conneticut... BTW: Nobody gives a damn who he's beefing with anymore... he's lost against everyone but Ja Rule...

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ for a

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ for a start you little cocksucking faggit im a 24 yr old NIGGA from England and id be more than happy to meet 'man to man' so i can to smack some sense into that dumb skull of yours. infact im booking a visit to the states soon so il holla when your ready you little pussy. anytime. you dumb nigga talkin bout 1988 and common mos def and all that bullshit, nigga if you havent notice its 2007 now come out your fuckin timelapse nobody cares about these niggaz plus how many international sell out tours have these cats had?... erm none dumb fucker. 2nd how can you say 50 makes tunes for bitches? apart from jesus walks what other RELEASED tune can you name where kanye aint singin or talkin bout a bitch... come on you fool do you really think more bitches went out and bought the massacre than late for registration? you have got to be the most completley dumbest nigga out there to think that - singles such as candy shop maybe but not albums. i know 50 is NOT a better rapper than kanye - kanye would tear him to shreds in a battle i admit that but the two are completely different. kanye talks political - 50 talks the street. people from the streets are more likely to listen to 50 than kanye over here. infact its your posh little white boy nigga wannabes (no disrespec to real white my peeps) that feel kanye over here. you would never see hood nigaz in whips rollin round blastin out the work out song by kanye. if thats how u niggaz roll over their then u some bitch ass niggaz. 3rd every1 wants to hear beef no matter who its with. how can you say nobody wants to hear 50's beefs? dont speak for yourself just cuz you dont even tho i guarantee youve listened to it so what the fuck you talkin bout? whenever 50's started beef with someone people wanna hear it and he killed cam with funeral music and everybody knows it. i know dedicated dipset fans that hate 50 but got the balls to admit 50 done cam in that tune. its a shame dickheads like you cant. 4th. as for shoutouts to the uk? well to tell the truth i dont give a fuck but.. listen to dipset s.a.s you dumb fuck plus i got mans from my hood (Robbin Hoodz) that have done collaborations with dj whoo kidd so dont go on like england is a stranger to the rap game. cuz we aint. thats my rant done! i cant wait to see what bullshit u gonna write next.


First off the only reason I mentioned 1988 was because the cat it was addressed to decided to act like he knew hip hop. Don't try to jump off on some shit that's not even at you... Common, Mos Def, and those other cats I mentioned are still in the industry... Last I checked, Common's new album is doing pretty damn well on the charts, so now you're just spouting bullshit. I don't know how many international sell out tours they've had to be honest with you... I doubt they can match 50's, but they do what they need to. Kanye's released tunes that have nothing to do with females other than Jesus Walks: All Falls Down, Can't Tell Me Nothing, Never Let Me Down, Drive Slow, Stronger (has female elements in it, but it's not completely about females), I Still Love HER (forgot the cats he did it with), Classic... now in comparison, 50's released only 2 tracks that's not about females: Wanksta and I Get $. I'm not talking about mixtape material, album material, or straight to the club material, just songs released at various radio stations in the US. Hmm... guess that was a moot point. Oh yea... in actuality, mid to upper class teenage white females have been the bulk of 50's sales. Granted some cats buy his shit, but most hood cats that would listen to his shit just cop a bootleg of it (and go buy Kanye's shit)... UK has hood cats? Nothing happens over there. Head out to the southside or the westside of Chicago, and you can see hood. I don't think it's the same over in the UK, unless yawl have been listening and copying what's said in our music over here. And since when was nigga used against blacks in the UK? Nevermind, don't even bother answering that... I don't listen to 50's beefs anymore. I didn't even know he was beefing with Cam and to be honest, they're both garbage so why should I care? Most people don't listen to his beefs anymore. He was trying to get at any and everybody in the industry and eventually people stopped caring, with the exception of his faithful. That's why he stopped bothering with constantly putting out diss tracks. You can only name one song that gave a shoutout to the UK from cats over here? Wow... Never a song goes by without a shoutout to Chicago (my hometown) or to Cali (where I'm at now). And no offense to the UK and all, but you guys ARE newcomers to this game. When did English cats start spitting? Sometime in the 90s at the earliest. Hell, yawl didn't even come over here until after the new century turn. Oh yea... Don't get hot at me for giving out facts. You're 24... wow want a cookie? I'm the same age and I'll be 25 in a few months. What's the big deal about it? And you describe yourself as a nigga? How stupid are you? And you have the nerve to try to power up on me over the internet? I bet you like to take vacations at resorts with padded walls, don't you? I'm not looking for no internet beefs or no real beefs, but I'm gonna put it like this: You're talking about coming to another country to squab with me and you don't know a damn thing about me. You can come find me all you want, but I guarantee that you won't like what you find. I may be in the Bay now, but I'm a Chicago cat to the core and we don't take to threats or BS kindly. You can fly your happy ass out here if you want to just because your ego has been wounded, but what's the point? When I said talk man to man, I meant just that... but if you wanna take it to the grass, then by all means... don't let me stop you, but beware that you're opening Pandora's box going that route. I've never been one to kick off some shit, but I've always finished them. So while I'm not looking for that kinda shit, I'm not gonna back down cuz some overgrown kid got his panties in a bunch. I suggest you take some Prozac and sit your ass down somewhere before your brain ruptures though. I'm done with this bullshit. Get at me.

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ ha ha

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ ha ha you make me laugh i aint even wastin my time on fake niggaz like u. - infact are you even black? cuz the bullshit you speak sounds like a 50 year old upper class white male. what the fuck are you talkin bout when u say "since when was nigga used against blacks in the UK?" if you was payin attention you dyslexic fuck you would of noticed i was apologising for when callin white boys wannabe niggaz cuz there not all like that. im a man i can admit kanye is better than 50 at rapping AND producing but the main basis of this arguement is who will win on sept 11th and 50 WILL. if the vote said whose a better rapper kanye or 50 i would of happily said kanye. see i speak the truth - you speak shit. you speak the most shit ive ever heard and we'l see sept 11 anyway.


I'm gonna say my piece and then I'm done with this bullshit for good. I'm not even going to answer your wannabe points cuz they don't even match up to what I've addressed. Now... I'm a 24 year old black cat born and raised in Chicago but I'm staying out here in Cali for the moment. Born in Cabrini Green, raised on the southside. I'm not here to brag about how hood I am or anything like that... What's the point? Am I throwing insults at you? No... not really. The reason you think I sound like some old white cat is because you're ignorant as hell. You're getting all riled up over this. Why? Is 50 paying you? No... I doubt that. So why get powered up over this? I'm calm about this, cuz to be honest, I don't give a fuck. I stated my opinion and if you got a problem with that, tough titties. You can't do shit about it but come out here to kick off shit, and that won't fly. So just grow up a bit, be a man, swallow your pride and admit you can't argue the points. Quit blasting insults because you have nothing better to say. Wow... I can't believe we're the same age. I've gone through enough hell to realize that getting agitated about any and everything won't do shit but kill you faster. You seem to have not reached that point yet and I'm years beyond it... are you sure you're not some teenage kid acting dumb on the net? Nevermind, it doesn't matter anyway. This was some funny shit though.

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ look...

M!$TA M!$CH!£VoU$ look... if u was to look at my first comment on this page you would see that i said i like kanye iv not once said kanye is shit or kanye this kanye that have i merely stated my opinion then you come replying on about you cats are stupid? who made the first insult? you. your the one that tried to get all factual and the points you made out are not true you speak for yourself you think the whole world thinks or should think the same as you. i dont see the need to hate 50 as much as you do has he done anything to you? has he 'snitched' on you? no so why the fuck u hatin on him so much? its cuz your immature and too caught up in this 'hate 50' era i admit when 50 dissed d block, nas and dropped the game i thought he was the most stupidest disrespectful person in the game and the music he put out was shit for about a year. but i managed to see past this and see the funny side of it all. that being 50 cant rap but still disses everybody and gets away with it! dissin people is what 50 does thats how he got rich thats his basis of music. but i dont listen to rap artists on the basis of whose the coolest in the game or who has the most complicated or creative lyrics i listen to the music so if its a good beat il listen to it no matter who the artist is. your basically tryin say every single tune 50 made/makes is garbage and that is not true if you were a real rap listener you would listen everybody like i do not and not take sides in petty rap beefs.

Where has our education gone?

To all you people out there that talk so much shit about any given artist. Try spelling correctly and using sentence structure. You all sound dumb as all hell when you us things like "b4" instead of before and "yoll" instead of ya'll or you all. Get a fucking education before you start talking shit. It's fucking embarressing to me and the rest of the United States of America. Another thing, all of you talk shit about the dumbest shit ever conceivable. Who gives a shit who is going to win. They are both just trying to make money. This whole thing is about money. They want you to sit here and talk about it and hype it up. It puts more money in their pockets when you do this. This was definitely planned between Rocafella/G.O.O.D. records and Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit/Interscope records. Its called a fucking genius marketing ploy. One more thing, to all of you people out there that use the word "nigga" and that is including black, white, yellow, and any other colored person out there, use it as much as you want. There is something called freedom of speech. In today's society that term is considered slang and it is also a term of endearment and friendship. It is not gender nor race specific. I have friends of all colors that use that term and it is not meant in a derogatory fashion. It's the 21st century and if you demand respect earn it!! Don't sit there and tell someone that just because you didn't "grow up in the struggle" you're not allowed to use the word "nigga". Who the fuck are you to say they haven't struggled in there upbringing. EVERYONE struggles now and then and that term wasn't even used back in the "struggle". Yours truly, Lack of Education
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50 lost his way

I just feel like 50 isnt what he use to be, now he is just WAY TOO COCKY AND ARROGANT it just gets on my nerves, its like he doesnt know where he came from, nothing can ground him, he admires his work as godly, and its not!...with kanye, i feel like he brings life to hip hop while shedding a new light on intelligence, and flashy ignorance....he blends the 2 quite well, I will be waiting for his album, not 50


you go on about white boys only listen to 50cent? im white and im from the uk but i have been downloading of this shit well befor most of you boys. ya man who says d-block is the truth yeah they right but 50 gave up dissin d-block he couldn't handel there lyricas. styles p is one of the best lyrical rappers about he talks the truth and as for 50 a rapper you all no he's just a hustler since the get rich or die trying movie. hes a clever man he probably will get more sales because people no how bad he can be not saying he is all the time he's hot! with the right people but as for lyrics kanye talks the truth never claimed to be gangster never will. but as for the future of rap you all no ya boy holds the crown he will bring the west to the top and


you go on about white boys only listen to 50cent? im white and im from the uk but i have been downloading of this shit well befor most of you boys. ya man who says d-block is the truth yeah they right but 50 gave up dissin d-block he couldn't handel there lyricas. styles p is one of the best lyrical rappers about he talks the truth and as for 50 a rapper you all no he's just a hustler since the get rich or die trying movie. hes a clever man he probably will get more sales because people no how bad he can be not saying he is all the time he's hot! with the right people but as for lyrics kanye talks the truth never claimed to be gangster never will. but as for the future of rap you all no ya boy holds the crown he will bring the west to the top and


Des niggas-4 all yoll boys and gurls talking about 50 quit dissing D Block or he lost 2 errbody except Ja Rule. Who ever yoll talkn about beat 50? Who Knows what yoll r talkin about. Where are these cats at. When is the last time Styes P dropped a even half descent album? D Block hasnt been notin since the 1800's. Ja Rule just finally tryn make a comeback. A and when Game drops a new album go get dat. but guess what. 50 gets more profit then he does off of his own album because The Game works 4 him. Thats why 50 didnt destroy him because that would be destroying his own money. Killa Cam you saw what 50 did 2 him on Funeral Music. Who is this guy cam anyway this guy signed Katt Williams a comedian. not a rapper. Theres no future in that. Katt is funny and all but music is not him. Just makin Cam and dipset look bad. anyway let me get back 2 the point. 50 Makes Money. 50 Sells out arenas. 50 went platinum on ringtones? Ringtones? did u hear that who u no do dat except 50. Curtis is gonna Sell More than Graduation. and 50 is more popular than Kanye point black. 50 gone have people 4rm every race in the world buying his CD. Kanye will have black people and white people buying his jank.

Just one point I wanna make on this

Actually, 50 doesn't make money off of the Game. He would have if Game stayed with Aftermath, but Game left for just that reason. He didn't want 50 making money off of him. Other cats have gone platinum off of ringtones... I'll look them up and get back at you on that tip. 50 wasn't the first and he's still not the #1 for ringtones either. Several cats have trashed 50, but the top 3 names are Jadakiss, Fat Joe and Game. Hell, Game took out the entire G-Unit with one track and they couldn't match it with the several they threw back.

r u guys seriously still

r u guys seriously still debatin this? and voting for kanye? who the fuck? man whoever voted for kayne should stop listenin to music period. im not even gonna make this an argument of whos better, but 50 will top that lame nigga in sales hands down...i know someone who works for soundscan, 50 cents album is already gold in pre-orders, and kayne's got...60,000! yeah im sure kayne will win...tshhh