Shyne - The Shyning (Welcome To Gangland)



01. Rockstar
02. I'm Ready
03. There Will Be Blood
04. Slow Down (Ha Ha)
05. Brooklyn
06. Lil Freak
07. Say Something
08. Over
09. Messiah
10. All My Life
11. Rude Boy
12. Thats Gangsta
13. More Or Less
14. Classic Clue Freestyle
15. Bad
16. Shyne
17. Life Of A Brooklyn King
18. Bad Boyz
19. Bonnie & Shyne

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Nooo Shyne!! Say it aint soooooo

Damn i use to bump some Shyne but his new shit lately has been subpar at best.. this shit i can't do nothin with.. Some of these have a few flashes of his old self but he aint consistent like he use to be, if he tryin to keep up with what's popular somebody need to tell him to stop and just do what he use to do best and make good music.
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I used to love me some Shine, sad he fallin off, hope he gets his shit together.
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Give It Time

To me he still has the sparks, just need some gasoline. If you do listen to his old stuff you will realize that its somewhat similar. Some of these tracks are decent. Gives me an idea of what to expect...
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I'm a bit disappointed in

I'm a bit disappointed in this compilation. Shyne has the talent and ability, but it seems like he's been settling for mediocrity as of late.
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Everybody shittin on the G nowadays

Did he really go Jewish when he was locked up? I'll check his next album but his leaks aint what I was expecting

wait for some1 thats been

wait for some1 thats been locked up 4 10 yrs he sucks now bc he doesnt have bigs lyrics n e more
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shyne messin around in the studio

Wait for him to put out some real music.. this is just him spittin on someone elses beats.. either way i wanna see 50 respond.. has he?
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Fuck 50!!

Who cares about what that homo have to say? that nigga is too busy having his tats removed anyway... LOLz!! Nigga is a fucking JOKE! Who still listens to him anyway??