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Big up to the N.O.

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50 love his beef

is this bodyguarded ass nigga goin at my dude juve. he must be crazy man, them dudes den lost a whole lot in louisiana, 50 you pickin on the wrong niggas!

nah, theres no way, he used

nah, theres no way, he used to fuck with UTP and them back in the day, thats where the got buck from.
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hes not dissin juve.hes

hes not dissin juve.hes dissin games bitch ass.fuck the wacc wall street
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GGG G-Unot !!!

This has gota be the worst diss song Ive ever heard. This faggot gets worse by the week. Game will come back with some killa shit again and wipe the floor with him AGAIN !!! G-UNOT !!!
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Hate it or Love it

Hate it or Love it, The Current King of New York(50cent) has made the world embrace the South on a much larger scale,To me 50 embodies what New York should see and use as an example. Alot niggas just wanna rant becuz they´re favorite artist is an over rated poorly put together gimmick that went sour, when given a position of power he turned coward DAMN!!! By da way hes not going at Juve, its just good music hate it or love it. Big shout NY,PHIlly,TX,OC,AZ and LA. 1
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true that homie.

true that homie.
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50's a bitch

50 cant diss people, he shit, all he says is g-unit but G-G-G-G-G-G-G-UNOT

Oh my god..

SHUTUP! Just shutup! Your not saying anything to contribute or take away from the subject! Your just spreading what Game told you to say! They say that G Unit's artists and fans are mindless G Unit soldiers but fucking hell, everybody whos with this G Unot shit is saying the same fucking shit. Just shut up!

50 cent is too big for

50 cent is too big for beefin for these small ass rappers, look at the sales nigga, 50 sales 11 mil, the game, fat joe, ja rule, and jada combined have not sold 11 mil on a single album.. g-unit bitches all the haters- what you gonna do bitches g-unitttttttttttttttttt

I forgot record sales reflect quality???

I never knew record sales reflect the quality of music artists produce, he could sell 100million as far as im concerned but the quality of 50's music is sh-t! Every knowz 50centz massacare album was park garbage, but the teenage wannabes such as yourself im assuming copped his album thinkn candy shop was hip hop? cmon man? 50Cent is making niggerz look like hoes wit these type of diss tracks! He's a pop stream artist who is renowned snitching! so unless your a snitch, stop snitchng, stop lying...G-unot!

You assume too much

You assume you know why people picked up The Massacre like your some sort of fucking hardcore hip hop head. If you were REALLY hip hop you wouldn't be listening to this shit, you wouldn't be saying G Unot, and you'd be listening to some REAL hip hop such as Atmosphere, Blueprint or anything along those lines. Could the reason the guy picked up The Massacre be because he heard songs he liked!? The differance between Game fans and 50 Cent fans is that Game fans are buying an image and 50 Cent fans are buying his cd for good songs. When you buy his cd your going to say "ye! this is the shit! Games a true gangsta! Fuck the fact I really didn't feel that first or second single, he'll come out with better on this cd I'm pretty sure, but his a true ass gangsta! G G G G G Unot!" Quit sucking Games dick and quoting him, you look like a retard.

Game fans are buying an image

what's the difference you dumb son of a trick, 50's fans are buying his music because he's selling an image too, you wanxta, plus the image hes selling are people licking lollypops and going to da candyshop...you dumbazz fool, stick to your vanessa carlton music, and i listen to 2pac real hip hop (Who tha hell is atmosphere and blueprint they sound like a bunch of nobodys like urself), u dumb azz hoe, u make niggaz look like hoes saying 50's music is good! So succ it eazy! and then when the doctorz advocate drops, you can watch game destroy Gay-Unit! Gggggggg-UNOT! Cocksucker, suck it easy!

New Lyrics to Many Men

Many men, wish death upon you Fear in your eyes cuz you jus ain't true Streets realize what you're destined to be One bitch ass niggas whose scary We'll put a hole in ya nigga please trust me Your backs on the wall, now you gon' see Watch who you talk bout, you talk to da police 'Cause niggas'll come and take your life away Many men, many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you Nigga you're pussy to da core Can't walk the block no more There's no mercy for you Now these street niggas putting money on your head Go on and touch this punk, he gon be dead Niggas gonna put you in the dirt, where you won't be found You're a rat and so now we gotta lay you down When I rhyme, something special happen every time 50 the greatest when it comes to droppin a dime Can't walk the block with no bundle Fuck around you're brains'll be a puddle 9 more shots'll make you humble Show your ass what my gun do Street got a temper nigga, go'head, lose your head Turned your back on us, get clapped and lose your legs We walk around gun on our waists, chip on our shoulders We'll bust a clip in your face, pussy, we find ya n its over Many men, many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you Nigga you're pussy to da core Can't walk the block no more There's no mercy for you Somewhere your heart turned pussy No mercy for you Many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you You're funeral day'll be special, no more droppin names Our joy will feel so good, knowin you died in pain Death gonna be easy, when you have no guards In the pen leave your asshole streched and scarred This if for my niggas in the cell, you sent behind bars If we find you nigga, your face we're gonna mar Trust we're gonna judge you, 'cause you've made things clear Helpin the feds give real niggas a hundred years You're like Gotti in New York, we'll just call you the Rat Like Malcolm by any means, bash your brains out wit a bat You switched sides on us, let niggas ride on you I thought you was cool, till we found you wasn't true? Many men, many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you Nigga you're pussy to da core Can't walk the block no more There's no mercy for you Somewhere your heart turned pussy No mercy for you Many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you Every night you talk to cops, stabbin niggas in the back We know they protecting you, so we'll wait with our gats In your nightmares, niggas keep pulling techs on you Faggot ass nigga, ain't no one put no hex on you While the feds didn't know much, when Pac got shot The Source told us you got stabbed n got Black Child knocked I ain't gonna spell it out for you motherfucker all the time Are you illiterate nigga? We read between the article's lines In the bible it says, what goes around, comes around Niggas waitin to catch you slippin and gun you down You can bet you gonna die for a real reason 'Cause you's a snitch and soon won't be fucking breathing Many men, many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you Nigga you're pussy to da core Can't walk the block no more There's no mercy for you Somewhere your heart turned pussy No mercy for you Many, many, many, many men Wish death upon you


Man wot is this shit......dis is fucking wack..fuck 50.dat faghot..
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ok first off, im a weezy fan, 50 is NOT my favorite rapper. aight so, people dont like 50 cause he turned commerical right? but shit thas where the fuckin money at. he aint doin this for his fans he doin it for some fuckin money. now when it comes to his lyrics, itz true he is hot, i mean comon "get rich or die tryin", listen to that shit thas a fuckin raw sayin, and that albums a fuckin classic now. the massacre wasnt as good but it was still hot. fuckin my hood, piggybank, baltimore love thing all that shit. bottom line is this, u aint gotta like 50 but i bet u gonna get his next album just to see what the fuck hes gonna say next. DONE
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Well Said

Unlike you im from I'm a fifty fan. I mess with the entire g-unit. I'm from the south but i gravitate to the east coast artist. The thing is people hate, but fifty a genius. Tha kid stay making hits. And every artist he put out went platinum. Now you can say what you want, but the self proclaimed king of new york jay-z put out various artist that aint do shytt. Bleek and them went wood. Even Teara Marie aint blow. I bet olivia go a couple times platinum. The Roc had M.O.P and didnt even put them out. Them dudes aint never go platinum. But i can bet u they is now. To get to tha point 50 make music that everybody loves.
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as far ass i know game was garbage before he met 50 ..... i brought one of his old cd's the year before he signed wit g-unit ..... pure trash ..... every song was crap ..... if it wasnt for 50 ... his wack ass would still be in compton puttin out wack ass music .... plus his last cd really wasnt the shit .... he better go platinum this time or he outta there
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50 made it.. hate it or love it..

i dont really like fifty now but get rich or die trying is good. 50 thought this shit out back in the day when him and ja met eachother. He even said he'd gain attention by shittin on celebrities etc.. After surviving 9 shots all suburban kids were like "oh shit, i want to be gangsta. Ima go get me that shit" Once he had that fan base it didnt matter. He got noticed for surviving. Combine that with all the beefs he has and all thats left is putting his music together, even if its only 1/2 decent. congradulatons fitty, ahaha you made it. its too bad if you slip up your ass is dead.
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fuck 50

50 cent is a fake commercial fuck put him up against cassidy weezy n shyne n see wat da fuck happens 2 da coward he prolly wud'nt even wanna try facen dem cuz hes a pussy dat kant rap....shyne merked him and all dat punk said back was i dun fuck wit shyne. Yea and u shud'nt cuz u kant rap faggot so go back and hide in your house you lil bitch.


i got respect 4 game his raps r good and wudev been better if dat beef shiit didn't hapen between him and 50 but shiit hapens and how many times do u want 50 to keep smashing his competition i mean cum on no body can keep up to 50, no 1 has even gotten close 2 him wen it comes 2 record sales... SOUTH SIDE OVA AND OUT