2 new Ya Boy tracks off DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar - I Love Your Girl 8

I Love Your Girl Vol 8 hosted by Ya Boy dropping July 2nd! In addition "Summer Love Remix" is untagged and will be featured on the K Young Mixtape Summer Love presented DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar, also dropping in July.

K Young - Summer Love Remix Feat Ya Boy
Ya Boy - Do Dat

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this shit suck, i want some

this shit suck, i want some real rap with lyrical context. not just i wanna fuck you R & B shit....
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Im losing my patience with Wayne and some of Young Money.. They need to release some shit now so i can see what they about and wayne need to step back and let them nigga's handle bitness.. THat BET performance was the worst shit i heard man.. Everybody was off, Wayne was High as fuck and not sayin the right shit, Drake really was the only one that kept they part of the show going.. I walked away from the TV after Wayne started rappin. i don't even like that song.. And i hate when Rappers try to sing.. FUUUUUCKKKK!! IM SO FUCKIN GLAD JAYZ Performed DOA Live. All them Rappers Heard that shit and aint have a choice.. I hoped they absorbed the fuck outta that song. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]