Joey Fingaz - Your Girls' Favorite Mixtape (Valentines Day Edition)

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1. Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot 2:59
2. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Poppin' (Remix) 4:37
3. Lil Wayne & Baby - Leather So Soft 4:33
4. Juvenile - Gettin' Paid 1:25
5. Mike Jones - Mr. Jones 3:35
6. T.I. - Where They At 1:35
7. T-Pain & Yung Joc - Snappin 2:36
8. One Chance, Bobby Valentino & Lloyd - Look At Her 2:56
9. Ciara & R.Kelly - Promise (Remix) 4:48
10. Fergie & Ludacris - Glamour Life 3:11
11. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right 3:08
12. Ryan Leslie & Nas - The Way U Move 2:45
13. Chamillionaire & Kelis - Not A Criminal 3:01
14. Lloyd & Lil Wayne - You 1:38
15. Lloyd & Outkast - You (Remix) 2:56
16. Joe - If I Was Your Man 2:42
17. Ludacris & Mary J Blige - Runaway Love 3:53
18. Beyonce - Irreplaceable 3:47
19. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around 5:03
20. Bow Wow & R.Kelly - Flirt 2:01
21. Bow Wow & Chris Brown - Shortie Like Mine 2:42
22. Pretty Ricky - Hotline 3:47
23. Omarion - Ice Box 3:56
24. AKF - No Nuts, No Glory (Bonus) 3:04
25. Twista & Lil Wayne - Whip Game Proper (Bonus) 2:50

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This is why im hot = You Have to listen to thiss!

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This is y he should get shot

Beny15 wrote:
This is why im hot = You Have to listen to thiss!

had to step in and say that song sucks ass

A True Mixfiend Uploader, Fuck The RIAA all day

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i thought mims was gonna be short for mimi = mariah carey??

who are these no names man. im not saying they havent got talent because alot of them have. its just i got this off of mixfiend originally and its changed tracklist three or four times. uhhm..

gwen stefani isnt even on it. now that doesnt particulary bother me but im downloading it for my girl and its not a mixtape i'de give my girls... THEY LIKE POP.

mims aint pop... neither is AKF... in fact about 90% of this cd isnt... although its a tight selection.

i like the mix tape. on the other hand does joey fingaz want me to keep some half and half mixtape of his? i dont know what girls favorite mixtape this is? some one let me know so i can get the proper covers... somewhere between summer stocking stuffer(even though its prolly winter where joey from?) and valentines day. disappointed at the internet fiends shopping shit round as not what it is. u knows? just want honesty honestly. retail or mixtape or internet pre release or spam?

in finishing i might as well do my own cover of this mix and sell the stuff... i mean i dont really listen to real radio or pay for mixes, i pay for retail cds... if a mixtape king was over here in brisbane sellin mixes i'de probably cop a few for whatever the price... royalties? hmm. in fact i'd be alot happier to be coping mixtapes then goin retail. i make my music, i mix others music and i get free downloads... who here is with me??

one ? at a time. what tape is this? shall i spend all day tryin to find a decent imageshop program for a free licence to do some proper covers for my girl... rhetorical. --i mean over here its already two days late for valentines... damn...


This is why I'm hot=fucking old...


Well, expect to hear it on the radio for 3 or 4 months still.

i love

i love joey fingaz!

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hot tape, joey fingaz is the

hot tape, joey fingaz is the man

Mims is so little they had

Mims is so little they had to shoot the video upwards ..... lol