Young Dro - We Outchea


01 Young Dro - We Out'chea
02 Young Dro - Upgrade
03 Young Dro - Boomin'
04 Young Dro - Gettin' To Da Money
05 Young Dro - Shawty Gone Get It
06 Young Dro - The Crowd
07 Young Dro - Dangerous
08 Young Dro - Damn I Hate You
09 Young Dro - Hey Hey Hey
10 Young Dro - The Wake
11 Young Dro - Fell In Love
12 Young Dro - My Girl Can Out Do Yours
13 Young Dro - Outro

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Dro lyrical skill over nice beats = pure entertainment. 8/10 -- On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion doesnt really amount to much, so I aim NOT to persuade 'cause I'm just enjoying music -- 2B1ASK1

you think!

Since Dro a southern rapper and oochy gucci you think you would get a supporting review from that cowgirl loose Screw!.
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Yeah dro went hard on this

Yeah dro went hard on this one.
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Been waiting for this dudes album but this will do... dude did his thing.....

This shit is Straight

This shit is Straight DOPE!!! Nigga DL Straight Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!