XV - Zero Heroes


01 Xv - Wichita [Prod. By Just Blaze]
02 Xv - Heroes Eventually Die (Interlude)
03 Xv - When We're Done [Prod. By Seven]
04 Xv - Smallville [Prod. By J. Cole]
05 Xv - That's Just Me [Prod. By Swiff D]
06 Xv - Awesome (Feat. Pusha T) [Prod. By Seven]
07 Xv - Pictures On My Wall [Prod. By Seven]
08 Xv - Textbook Stuff (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) [Prod. By Seven]
09 Xv - All For Me (Feat. Cyhi Da Prynce, Vado & Erin Christine) [Prod. By Omen & Audio Blk] 10 Xv - U.F.C. (Feat. Kristina Rose) [Prod. By Seven]
11 Xv - Foreign Exchange Student [Prod. By Miami Horror]
12 Xv - Swervin' [Prod. By Seven]
13 Xv - Best Days Of Lives (Feat. Donnis) [Prod. By The Awesome Sound]
14 Xv - Ending Credits (Interlude)
15 Xv - The Last Hero (Feat. Patrick Stump) [Prod. By Seven]

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Not everybody lives but everybody dies

For some odd feeling this morning I knew XV had some new shit out so when I found out that he dropped that EP Thanks for the Donuts I had to download it. I was kinda disappointed to find out that majority of the songs on that EP were old tracks, a few from his 40 days & 40 nights romp. I am slapping this shit right now and this shit slaps hella hard. I hope this nigguh gets his recognition and is able to get on the XXL freshmen class next year because there were too many shitty artists on it this year which was very disappointing. A lot of great rappers like XV, Dom Kennedy and Chip Tha Ripper got forgotten I feel just because other artists have bigger fan bases which doesnt mean shit when they can't rap to stay afloat.
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1 day 18 min?

smells fishy, guessin u just made ur account to talk bout this nikka? doubt it... tryin to promote own tapes
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Been waitin on dis one for a minute, don;t sleep on dude... Jus Chill
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Another over hyped artist this nigga aint much iv gave a good few of his tapes a chance but for me this nigga garbage! FIX UP LOOK SHARP!


donavans cool one of the best in wichita i went to scool with him but wichita is sleeping on my boy manish law check out hs motor mouth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq2jdKwgRBk!!


this tape is pretty good im feeling it


this tape is pretty good im feeling it


this tape is pretty good im feeling it