X.O. - One.One.Ten


01 - 1.1.10_Final(Oddisee)
02 - Fast Life(Pro. Oddissee)
03 - Lime Light_Ft.Allison_Final(Ab The Producer)
05 - Take Home_Ft.Raheem Devuaughn_Final(Ab The Producer)
06 - You Not Like Me_Final(Ab The Producer)
07 - Black Broadway_Final(Pro. Oddisee)
08 - She Posed To(Pro. Soulful)
08 - We Are The 1's_Ft.Tabi Bonney_Final(Pro.Oddisee)
09 - Crucial_Ft.Gordo Brega_Final(Ab The Producer)
10 - I Want In_Ft.Ihsan_Final (Ab The Producer)
11 - Blah Blah(Pro.Oddisee)
12 - City Loves Me Back_Ft.Allison Carney_Final(Ab The Producer)
13 - Do It_Final(Ab The Producer)
14 - City Shit_Final(Ab The Producer)
15 - How Does It Feel_Final(Ab The Producer)

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Pretty nice tape

Pretty nice tape. The dude is lyrically on point and he knows how to complement a beat.


Sounds good but all the tracks sound the same. Nothing special here
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splifolas wrote:
Sounds good but all the tracks sound the same. Nothing special here
+1 to this. In the end, it turned out to be nothing special. I don't even really think the lyrics were all that great. Just my two cents though.
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yehhhhhhhh this dat UPTOWN WASHINGTON DC shit....yall dont kno bout it! DC WE IN THERE!!!! DIAMOND DISTRICT on point! Follow ya girl on Twitter www.twitter.com/MizzFemFatale