Wiz Khalifa - Half Baked



1. Know Your Name
2. In The Mirror
3. Get Big
4. Black And Yellow
5. Not Ready
6. Best Clothes
7. Bottoms Up
8. Call The Station
9. I Had A Dream
10. Superhigh (Remix)
11. You Take Me
12. Im On My Shit
13. We On feat. French Montana, Big Sean & Nipsey Hustle
14. 3 Oh 3 (Remix)
15. Hey Girl
16. In My Eye
17. Get Your Life Straight
18. Welcome

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I fux wit diz kid Wiz

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Co sign

This shit hot! Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

fucking lame...all the

fucking lame...all the tracks are old songs with the names changed
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Finally Some New Shit From The Homie Wiz, I'm Still Jammin' Dat Kush & OJ Everyday. I See Sum Old Songs And Sum New So I'll Just Check This Out Mayne.Awlreadyy
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This is a good one.. Some

This is a good one.. Some good old one's and a couple of remixed one's and a few New one's.. good post.
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Ayye yea sum new Wiz

Ayye yea sum new Wiz stamp........////Born Alone.Live Alone.Die Alone
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6/10. alot of old tracks, 1-2 remix, 3-4 callabos.

****ima smoke until im high***** its okay. dont look for somethin to really quench the thirst. this is only a cup, not a whole bottle. oh yeah. it isn't official. (i hope) because the best tracks on here are the ones i already have. :( someone just searched the internet for some of wiz's more rare tracks, and singles. if you dont look for good music erry now and then alot of these will be new. alot of renames too.
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I dont care if this is

I dont care if this is official or not. Wiz is all i listen to so im good with this one.

i doubt thats true.

i doubt thats true.

Here's a good one

Taylor Gang, or chaffe your d*!k off in some dry p*#y! " - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma'bout Cream! "
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i like him after this tape!

i like him after this tape! 9/10
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Check out the hype

I guess ill download and check out what all the hype is.


im liking this kid khalifa and that movie is one of my favs to watch high
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this shit is hott!!!!! 10/10

this shit is hott!!!!! 10/10
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BEYOND THE $TREET$ The boy hot get your paper up!!!
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Burn it. 2/5

Burn it. 2/5
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i didnt care much for Kush

i didnt care much for Kush and OJ so i havent been keeping up with him... so i dont know whats old and new all i know this shit is my new fav! lovin that Black And Yellow track!!!!!