Video: Jeezy - Introduction

*Update: Download NOW!

Off Trap Or Die 2 (coming soon)


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what the fuck eva

its sad to say but I dont care when this shit drops.....losing listeners day by day
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I just got it from here
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its here better hurry and D/L IT they may take it back....ima wait til mfizz post it on a torrent tho....
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(edit: Might be a real link.. )

Lots of fake shit circulating around so ya'll be careful, but i just downloaded this and it seems real *listening to it now*, i downloaded like 4 different tapes with BS on it, one nigga put his own mixtape in there and renamed all of his tracks to match the mixtape, one had a trojen virus and the other was just corrupted shit.
Im playing this vid, Track sound good but he still using them 101 drums and bass over Lord of the Rings/ Star Wars sound tracks? imma give it the benefit of the doubt, i guess thats just his style and he aint gonna change outta his comfort zone.. I hope the best for this nigga, Jeezy cool but he need to up his game or he gone fall flat on his face with this big build up for a mixtape that might disappoint leading to his album that will be a direct fail if this mixtape don't meet expectation.. Could this be a make or break for this nigga?
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keep us updated "Do I

keep us updated "Do I Really Need A Quote?"
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Oh God Cannon SUCKS! Tape So far is just aiight..

THIS NIGGA IS TALKIN AND DROPPIN ALL OVA THIS MAN'S SHIT!.. But So far the tape is aiight, it's "NO WHERE NEAR the first Trap or Die", ya'll gone see when it post here.. :-( i just went to the next track "problem" and Cannon talked for like a whole min and announcing his twitter, gmail, website etc. :-( fuck.. this tape is pissin me off..
When the tape post up on here imma have a full track by track rate ready.. ..
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Somebody call the Fire Department...