2Pac - Unstoppable Thug Vol. 2

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01. Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (Phonkey.Dee.Remix)
02. On Some Westcoast Shit (Feat.Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger).(R-Tistic Remix)
03. Thugs Get Lonely Too (DJ Fletch Remix)
04. Old School (Monroe.Remix)
05. Better Dayz (Feat.Outcast) (The Architect Remix)
06. Me Against The World (Feat.Outlawz) (Marvelous Martynn Mix)
07. Losin it (Feat.Chuck Dirty, Big Syke & Spice 1) (Phonkey.Dee.Remix)
08. Akon Feat. 2Pac & Notorious Big - Smack That (DJ Fatal Remix)
09. Set It Off (Feat.Notorious Big).(DJ Scholar Mix)
10. Still Ballin (Feat.Kurupt).(3En.Remix)
11. Untouchables (Feat.Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal).(Whizz Remix)
12. Whatz Ya Phone Number.(Phonkey.Dee).(OG).(Vibe)
13. Thug 4 Life (Dominators.True.OG.Vibe)
14. Gettin' Paid (Feat.Nate Dogg, Richie Rich, Snoop).(DJ Scholar)
15. Do 4 Love (Phonkey.Dee.Remix)
16. Thug Style (The Architect Remix)
17.Enemies With Me (Bazzap Remix)
18. What Cha' Gonna Do (DJ Bazzap Remix)
19.Off Deathrow (Outro)

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illest pac tape in a long time

man, i think these are the guys that should produce the next 2pac album. this mixtape is ill, i highly recommend it.

yea i also recommend this

yea i also recommend this

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phonky dee kicks ass. the architect remix of "Thug Style" also kicks massive ass, almost sounds like a goddamn new song - I didn't recognize it at first.


The Don
propz on th etrck

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hot tape, sound exelent

highly recommended

Bussin Crew Sarajevo

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a few good pac remix

Me Against The World (Marvelous Martynn Mix) & Thug Style (The Architect Remix) are worth adding to ur 2pac collection !!!!!!!!! Do 4 Love (Phonkey.Dee.Remix) & Enemies With Me (Bazzap Remix) come in close 2nd.........