Underground Hip-Hop Vol 19 (Hosted By Louis Logic)


01 Louis Logic - Intro
02 Black Mask Feat.Louis Logic - Broken Record
03 Serum - Brainstorm Troopah
04 Irregular - The War
05 Caligula - Sleeper Cell
06 Louis Logic - Drop
07 Windchill - Joining The Fight
08 Mc Subcon - It's A Must That I Bust
09 Odd Ounce - Running Out Of Reason
10 Davincci Feat. Tenaj - Ever Since
11 Louis Logic - Drop
12 Lyricly Insane - When Im Around
13 Charlie Tippie - Vocaloid (Terror Dactel Mix)
14 Svelt St. - R.S.V.P
15 Double Helix - For The Fans
16 Louis Logic - Drop
17 Krookid Hooks - Commandments
18 Siryn - Mi Casa Su Casa
19 Affictionados Feat. Bracey Hansun - My Mind Goes
20 Louis Logic - Drop

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I love this mixtape

Most of the tracks on here remind me of some of the dope hip-hop that came out in the mid-1990's. Just real quality. That cat Serum is dopeness.

Great mixtape. That Caligula

Great mixtape. That Caligula track if bananas.
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guna take ur word homie

guna take ur word homie


feROSHUSs wrote:
guna take ur word homie
let me know what you thought of it?
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were these dudes from ...

were these dudes from ...

they are from

memodemo wrote:
were these dudes from ...
They are all spread out. I know Serum is from Miami, Florida
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tape is descent.. does any1

tape is descent.. does any1 know whats da 1st song playing?


the tracklist is on keepitclassic.bandcamp.com
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shit is fire,,bumpin it like every dayy//In Brooklyn we don't give a fuck about rubber band stacks Niggas will rob you for your money and give you your rubber bands back//