Tum Tum - Dallas EP


01 - Dallas
02 - Nfl
03 - My Chevy
04 - Floatin On Dem Ds
05 - Cannabis Club 2
06 - Me & My Bitch (Sue Ellen)
07 - The Ewings
08 - Cruisin Down The Block
09 - Live Once
10 - Award Winning
11 - Keep Knockin
12 - Real Talk

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Fuck dallas

There not going anywhere but in the fucking dirt!

Stfu Tampa

Tampabay wrote:
There not going anywhere but in the fucking dirt!
Stfu Tampon Bay. Dallas > TampaBay any day dont even reply to this message because everyone who reads it knows its true.

pay no mind,

Tampagay aint nuthin but a punk azz whiteboy who comes in here talkin shit for attention. Creating imaginary friends to make himself look popular. LOL! I dont know why he even comes in here, he dont know shit about hiphop!? STUPID FUCKING FAGGOT.

Either he a whiteboy or he

Either he a whiteboy or he dat fat wetback mr. southwest no matter how u put it ain't nuthin' but trailer park trash hahahaha


Glad to know you're racist. When people try to transcend this shit and make good music, you all just post the most ignorant and immature shit. Looks like there's another poster who I'll always consider too ignorant to listen to. And that goes for all races and racists. Mayne, the people making this music are so much better than this critique, I'm glad they don't pay mind to small minds like yourself.
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co sign

co sign
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D-Town Stay Down !

D-Town Stay Down !
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Auto/DL!!AZ Southwest

Auto/DL!!AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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dont let it

dont let that video sh*t fool you,we beat boyz up behind dat side talk. D-Town on mine.real shit.