Trap-A-Holics & Rich Kid Shawty - Word In Da South

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01 Shad - Intro
02 Shad - Sit Back
03 Shad - Word Round Da South [Prod. By Lex Luger & Tay Don]
04 Shad - Pockets Crowded [Prod. By Southside]
05 Shad - In My Hood [Prod. By Wheezy Beats & Cream Team]
06 Shad Feat. B Sott - A Feelin' [Prod. By Drummajors Atl]
07 Shad - Bottom Line [Prod. By Dan Johnson]
08 Shad - Come And Get Your Girl
09 Shad Feat. T.I. - Get Yo Girl [Prod. By Jim Jonsin]
10 Shad Feat. Zooded B & Kelz Holaday - Never Stop [Prod. By Lex Luger]
11 Shad - Hella [Prod. By Metro Beatz]
12 Shad - We In Dis Bitch [Prod. By Dj Spinz]
13 Shad - Party Don't Stop [Prod. By Yung Shun]
14 Shad - Extra Grams [Prod. By Metro]
15 Shad Feat. Dontae - Ball Till I Die [Prod. By Cheese Swagteam]
16 Shad - Talk Shit
17 Shad - I Know I'm 5Th Street [Prod. By Metro Beatz]
18 Shad - We Working [Prod. By Lex Luger]
19 Shad - Get Money Or Die [Prod. By Dan Johnson]
20 Shad - Salt Shaker [Prod. By Nard & B]
21 Shad Feat. Demar - Precious
22 Shad Feat. Atl & B Hitz - Late Nights [Prod. By B Trill]
23 Shad - There You Go [Prod. By Beat Depo]

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dis nigga look like chance from vh1... hahaha "Jerzy - FLA - Pa"

bin waitin 4 this. .


Aawww Shit

Another dope dealer turned rapper? I ain't knockin it but damn, when will it stop? Do these niggas ever think about goin to college? Guess I'm jus gettin too old to listen to this type shit. "- Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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this nigga aint sold shit, i bet he still at home with mom flipn burgers at burger world or some shit...hahah!
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Some of these rappers names are just stupid. Rich Kid Shawty gotta be one of the dumbest ever LOL
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dont tell me T.I. got this dude on grand hustle, im just seeing that on the cover on the street name sign... $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$