Trap-A-Holics, Love Dinero & Tay Don - Death Of Tay Beatz 2

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01 Tay Don - Intro
02 Tay Don - Letter To Waka Flocka [Prod. By Metro]
03 Tay Don - Get Ur Thug On [Prod. By Lex Luger]
04 Tay Don - Go Get My Lawyer [Prod. By Swiff]
05 Tay Don - Toilet Tissue (Goliath) [Prod. By Metro]
06 Tay Don - It's Goin' Down [Prod. By Lex Luger]
07 Tay Don - Robbin' Season (Remix) (Feat. Slim Dunkin) [Prod. By Doughboy Beatz]
08 Tay Don - Role Model [Prod. By Swiff]
09 Tay Don - Ambitions Of A Jackboy [Prod. By Metro]
10 Tay Don - Throw Up Ur Set (Feat. Ladi Jade) [Prod. By Lex Luger]
11 Tay Don - Triple Dare [Prod. By Lex Luger]
12 Tay Don - Knock Knock Part 2 [Prod. By Young C]
13 Tay Don - Nag-A-Bitch [Prod. By Zone 6]
14 Tay Don - Shootout [Prod. By Lex Luger]
15 Tay Don - Bricksquad Groupies (Feat. Juney Boomdata) [Prod. By Young C]
16 Tay Don - Dats My Hood (N.F.L.) [Prod. By Swiff]
17 Tay Don - Worldstar [Prod. By Tech]
18 Tay Don - My Mommas House [Prod. By Metro]
19 Tay Don - Drunk (Feat. Ladi Jade) [Prod. By Metro]
20 Tay Don - Don't Blow My High (Feat. Ladi Jade) [Prod. By Lex Luger]
21 Tay Don - Haters (Feat. Waka Flocka) [Prod. By Tay Beatz]

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Traphouse Coalition

Traphouse Coalition Presents:Alabama THC - Vol.1 The Credentials SMOG CITY:The 1st Mixtape put together by Traphouse Coalition to regenerate a movement Downsouth in Birmingham,Alabama Download Link: "Who's to Say I'm at my Low 2day and Can be at my High 2morrow"
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for real bruh

you starting to get as bad as these fucking fashion spammers *Its Easy To Hate Its Hard Being Real*
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I C Why U Hate, Cause Yo ASS Aint Real

Naw bruh just tryin 2 get this mixtape 2 mfizzel he want respond u jus download it and c wat i'm talkin bout also keep hating,but Fuck U 2. "Who's to Say I'm at my Low 2day and Can be at my High 2morrow"
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Word. I try to ask mfizzle Tha same shit, nikka neva responded bak..But i gotta agree with Tha purple nikka (Ihateposers)We dont need no spamers on here, the comment board is meant to let folks know if the tape is good or not, not for spaming...And btw this tape is Fiya! (THA TRUTH IS COMIN SEPTEMBER 28TH)
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Just a tip bruh.. it'll get

Just a tip bruh.. it'll get you banned, stop floodin the site, if you want your tape here don't PM MFizzle, go here and go through the motion..
Don't get banned tryin to push ya mixtape..
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Dont wanna Get Banned...

I feel ya bruh now thats real talk I dont understand mu....Fuck... when it come to explaining something I'm new 2 da site from B'ham,Al, But I preciate da info ole boy "BullShit Walk & Money Talks"
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Im a real picky nigga when it come to music but....this only got 2 bangers: #6- its going down & #7- robbin' season RMX. FLOCKA wud of made some bangers wit some of those beats tho (sorry tay...i fucs wit u but, you need to step da flow up jus a bit....Flocka stepped his flow game up so now, he starting to go hard cuz he aint off disrespect jus keep'n it real))))))))