Translee Feat. Eddy Fontane - What They Want? (Hosted By DJ Scream & Cory B)

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01 Translee - What They Want [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
02 Translee - Hello (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Reldk]
03 Translee - Glory (Feat. Marian Mereba) [Prod. By Maxx Payne]
04 Translee - American Way (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
05 Translee - Who Knows (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
06 Translee - Damn [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
07 Translee - Here To Stay (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Maxx Payne]
08 Translee - Amsterdam (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall & Chris Hunter]
09 Translee - Hero (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
10 Translee - Never Forget (Eddy Fontane Interlude) [Prod. By Snaz Duppro]
11 Translee - On My Own (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Dj Spinz]
12 Translee - Mars Blackmon [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
13 Translee - Wait For It [Prod. By Mr. Hanky]
14 Translee - Like To Party [Prod. By Cashflow Beats]
15 Translee - Rubberbands (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Eddy Fontane]
16 Translee - Does Anybody Love Anymore (Feat. Raheem Devaughn & Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Reldk]
17 Translee - What It Is (Feat. Solace & Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Maxx Payne]
18 Translee - Had My Way (Feat. Eddy Fontane & Marian Mereba) [Prod. By Todd Marshall & Marian Mereba]
19 Translee - Sometimes [Prod. By Maxx Payne]
20 Translee - Ignant (Feat. Yung Tone) [Prod. By Dj Spinz]

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#3 and still good

some one give this guy some legit play on the radio. the whole thing is as good as the first 2 and "Who Knows" & "Does Anybody Love Anymore" should get stuck in your ipod yesterday they are worth the memory space. Keep it Clean
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