Tony Yayo - El Chapo 2

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01 - El Chapo Intro
02 - Garden
03 - Razorblade Ft Danny Brown
04 - 15 Million
05 - California Dreamin
06 - Shame On A Nigga Ft Mike Knox
07 - Mob Ft P-Reala (Philthy Richmoney Team)
08 - Let Us Pray
09 - El Chapo Skit
10 - In My Life
11 - Flexxin
12 - Ballin Ft French Montana

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Wtf lol!

Who this dumb azz nigga think he is puttin Chaps name on this garbo?? I guess this stupid fuck dont know mexican artists in mexico get merk just for mentioning his name! I wouldnt be surprised if some goonz knock this niggaz door down! If you dont know about Chapo just turn on the news lil nigga! Google it yung bruh.
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~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~