DJ Wats , DJ Victorious & Tommy D - The Exception


1. DJ Wats Intro
2. This Is How I Live
3. Every Night I Hustle (Produced by HeartStoppas)
4. Bitch Please
5. Saga Tales feat. Sonnie Hash
6. Thats What I Deal With
7. Drug$, Drug$
8. Ask Me
9. High Times
10. Off Top (Produced by Rell Ruger)
11. Not Like This!
12. Break Bread
13. DJ Victorious Intro
14. Rap Money Don't Cont
15. What Happens (Got Guns)
16. Still Think?
17. M.O.B Shit (Bakery)
18. This Is How We Move feat. Sonnie Hash
19. Makin It feat. Sonnie Hash
20. Such A Mobster
21. The Future
22. Money In The Bank
23.Undastand Me (Outro)

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