The Game - The R.E.D. Files


1. (00:05:30) The Game - Bang Along (Produced By Kanye West)
2. (00:03:13) The Game - Gangstas Ride (Feat. Jaz-O) (Produced By Jaz-O)
3. (00:04:40) The Game - I'm So Wavy (Jay-Z Diss) (Produced By The Internz)
4. (00:02:09) The Game - Pussy Monsters (Feat. Ludacris) (Produced By Scott Storch)
5. (00:04:39) The Game - Flashback Memories (Feat. Raekwon)
6. (00:04:24) The Game - Better On The Otherside (Feat. Diddy & Chris Brown) (Produced By DJ Khalil)
7. (00:05:10) The Game - Superman (Produced By Just Blaze)
8. (00:04:24) The Game - Hustler's Dream (Feat. Anthony Hamilton) (Produced By Dre & Vidal)
9. (00:05:56) The Game - Mafia Music (Remix) (Feat. Ja Rule, Fat Joe & Rick Ross) (Produced By The Inkredibles)
10. (00:05:06) The Game - Red Magic (Feat. Lil' Wayne) (Produced By Cool & Dre)
11. (00:03:56) The Game - Enemy (Feat. Wyclef Jean & Damian Marley) (Produced By Scott Storch)
12. (00:03:06) The Game - Creepin' (Solo) (Revised) (Feat. Ludacris & Chamillionaire) (Produced By DJ Montay)
13. (00:04:22) The Game - Through My Eyes (Demo Version)
14. (00:03:35) The Game - All My Life (Revised) (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Jay Rock) (Produced By Cool & Dre)
15. (00:04:06) The Game - Number One
16. (00:02:41) The Game - No Love (Feat. Twista) (Produced By Traxster)
17. (00:04:26) The Game - Camera Phone (Original) (Feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced By Cool & Dre)

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looks like a buncha old shit

looks like a buncha old shit
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Most of this mixtape is old there is only like 3 or 4 new joints up here and i agree with dude game has been on point lately. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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nuthin is new i hav all

nuthin is new i hav all these trax already
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Only a few old tracks

Probably worth the Download, Game has been on point the last couple of drops lemme see if he's keeping the momentum up. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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man theres like 2 new trax on thiz. rest iz mad old. not feelin the mohawk. --no nutz no glory--
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It is all old..

But why yo punk ass judgin nigga's hairstyles? aint nobody ratin a dude's hair, skin color, or cloths we ratin the music, but only yo faggot ass take the liberty to scan a whole nigga down and critique a nigga'z appearance.. daaamn you homo, you must live in GayTL too. [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]
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I agree man this dude is always talking shit about everyone on this site i post about the music and this dude is telling me i don't know shit about rap and calling me a cracker and white boy etc., don't judge people thats how you end up in a world of shit and i hate racist people personally. but that's why he talks all this shit on the internet bc he damn sure wouldn't say it to any one of our faces, but i like it when people think i am a punk ass "white boy" bc it only makes them look stupid when they come to my hood and see that i live in a predominately black neighborhood. and when you get your ass beat by a "white boy" it becomes an even funnier situation bc then your hood thinks you're a clown. Aren't the quiet people the crazy ones? Yep and the loud ones are all bark and no bite. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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blah blah blah

computer tuffie .....i say w/e the fuck i want about anyone and u cant do shyt about it bytch! iz funny how my comments get under ya weak azz bytches skin. i luv it! is even funnier when im high. ya get so emotional it crackz me up HAHAHA!!! fuck dat faggot GAYTL and that hood eminem wana be. ya niggaz soft for gettin mad at my comments when all ya doin iz makin me lough HAHAHAHA!!! punch ure computer bytch LOL! --no nutz no glory--

Annoying ass

Na Nikka, it's cus u on every post and yo lil shittalkin on the Internet is getting annoying. Hear the music and move on.....
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Preach that shit man. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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O LOOK AT ME IM AN INTERNET MEANIE I THINK IM SO COOL WITH THE BLACK N WHITE PHOTO THATS THATS THE CLOSEST ILL GET TO BEING BLACK! Shut your fucking mouth and fuck your cousin. Virginia is for hustlers? wtf? are you serious? what the fuck ever came from virginia?
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What came from virginia...

Well lets see i don't know where to begin this is what came out of virginia: clipse, timberland, missy elliot, nicole wray, napoleon and joe mafia from the wu tang syndicate, chris brown, michael vick, dre bly, aaron brooks, plaxico buress, deangelo hall, bruce smith, and lawrence taylor just to name a few .757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Oh hell naw!!

Dude, one of those names you could have kept to yaself.. Aaron brooks? the worst QB of all time? c'mon now! The Saints been trying to forget he was ever on our Roster and he hasn't been able to land a job sense, is he in VA flippin burgers yet?.. I wouldn't go around announcing Chris Brown and vick from my area either lol.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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I was waiting for you to comment lol bc you are a saints fan, i agree dninc aaron brooks was one of the worst QB's you guys ever had, hell he's probably one of the worst players period you guys ever had, but still he is from my state and i was just trying to enlighten that guy about VA, but i think i did see aaron brooks at the McDonalds downtown getting it in lol, and granted Mike and Chris fucked up and made a mistake or two doesn't make them any less talented though, it just tarnishes their image a little bit, but at the end of the day Vick is still a beast and Chris Brown can still dance and make hit records. i am waiting to see how vick is going to do in philly. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Mayne that yung screw guy is

Mayne that yung screw guy is a dick head. Just all bite and no bite exactly! bet he doesnt even rep his hood.. probz just some fat dude on the computer all day with nothing better to do at all. Just cos your white / black it doest mean shit. grow up and comment about the music thats what the site is for. Anways have been waiting for the tape fo a while so im keen aye haha should be good. peace
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Gangstas ride and Pussymonters are the new songs. Realy feeling the jazO song.
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those aren't new they both

those aren't new they both came out like week & half ago. Well they new but it aint like brand new shit that hasnt been dropped yet
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growth & development... good mix all oid tracks...
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture


You a GD? 360 or 720? 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture


You a GD? 360 or 720? 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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till the world blow

growth & development... yah...till the world blow 720 i then looped around twice on a bos!!
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

When i die show no pity,send

When i die show no pity,send my soul 2 gangsta city,dig a hole 6 feet deep,lie 2 staffs across my feet,put 2 shot guns on my chest and tell my folks that i did my best.LOVE G.D. If i die show no pity,bury me in GANGSTA city,place the six point star across my chest,tell king HOOVER i did my best.Place the 3point crown above my head,tell king DAVID another disciple is dead.Dig a hole 6feet deep,lay blue rose pedals across my feet,put shotguns across my chest and tell my FOLKS i did mt best.LOVE G.D. As i pray 2 god all the best, when i'm dead and gone tell my FOLKS 2 put me 2 rest.i will leave this earth,so let things be well,i am a loyal FOLK in heaven or hell,life on this earth was evil 2 me so when i lay down just put me 2 rest with a 6 point star and 2 shotguns laid upon my chest.B.O.S.S. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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LMFAO!!! --no nutz no glory--
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thats the out line of an army cadence yeah nice try guy
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its also the FOLK Nation literature... you wouldn't know nothin bout it cuz you too busy bangin cyberspace with your fake internet gang bangin ass.... you niggas is not hard... ya'll stay in and download mixtapes all day... when ya'll niggas gon let ya nuts hang and jump off the porch?... bet ya'll niggas take ya baby asses home when the street lights is on too... 71st. and paxton all day, 79th St. and Morgan...all throughout paxtown and killaward to my niggas gettin it on the low end 43rd...original nation nigga i fucks with my SD's of 18th my BD's off 87th and cottage.... ya'll niggas some hoes talkin hard with your keyboard would say shit thru these parts... ya'll must pop weapons with silencers cuz your words be louder than your shots..
hiphopchild's picture

Pitch Forks up for the Nation

Bang on em my nigga 7 4 14...
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All my BOS out there holdin it down, shout out to chicago, free hoover, fuck them slobs, vicky lous, and bumblebees. Forever Our Love Knowledge and Salvation. Death Before Dishonor. 2 15 19 19 15 19 7 4 14 1 1 15 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Game On Point

Everybody keep talking about old songs like they came out in January or some shit. I haven't heard most of these songs & they on point too. This dude is funny as hell talkin' shit about Jay Z. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

By The Way.....

..... if yo' ass still gangbanging & ain't relized by now that other poor folk ain't ya got damn enemy then u just a dumb ass. U a gangsta but u scared 2 rob the muthafukkas that REALLY got shit like money, property, stocks & portfolios. My favorite color is BLUE too! LOL ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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growth & development... plenty much love.
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Game is Great.

Jay wont reply i think, he should do it, Game dissed his wife, Game is just to WAVY. Realy hope for Jay that he comes with some good shit for Blueprint the songs been leaking lately are wack. Game's albums are a automaticly buy for me.
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THAT NC Ni$$a! This Game go

THAT NC Ni$$a! This Game go hard
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shot out 2 my blood brutha Boomer 4 hookin me up with this site. mixtapetorrent is tha shit!! ayo Game! im waitin on that RED album DAMU! Wzuuup!?? ( (( A.W.O.L )) )
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dis tape iz tight