Superstar Jay - I Am Mixtapes 11

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02.Lloyd Banks Another Day Another Dollar Exclusive
03.Jim Jones Freestyle
04.Jadakiss Freeestyle
05.Storm P America
06.Lloyd Banks Do It For The Block
07.50 Cent Slow Down
08.Tl My Swagg Prod By Mel Staxx
09.Lil Wayne Fat Joe Winding On Me Prod By Ron Browz
10.Tony Yayo Scared Money
11.Joe Budden Move On Feat Joell Ortiz
12.Plies - Goin Do
13.Clap Cognac Champagne Bottles Feat Fb Analize
14.Freeway Its Only Me
15.Lil Wayne Pampam
16.Remo Da Rapstar Exclusive
17.Swizz Beats Get Loose
18.Tony Yayo Dealt With
19.Lexx 9 Eleven Money In Da Air
20.Ghostface For The Lover In You Feat P Diddy
21.Odee Boss Move Unsigned Artist Of The Week
22.Tommy 2 Face Freeestyle
23.Rawdoggz Freestyle
24.Tony Ducks Blowing Diesel
25.Busta Rhymes Arab Money Remix 3 Feat Jadakiss Jim Jones Julez Santana Hottest Track In The City
26.Lil Wayne Freestyle

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Fuck That First Shit

Fuck that first shit sluts!!! Looks like a solid mixtape. Just downloadin' now. What happen to all of those single tracks that were on here for a minute? We need to get those back so we can do our own shits without those loud fuckin annoying dj's screamin over shit like a nagging g/f over your beats being played in your car!!! Another fuckin annoyance!!!

Another DJ on his own vocal dick

Don't download this shit if you get fuckin annoyed by dj's screamin over the mixes. I wish these DJ's would realize that the reason why they ar behind the wheels is cuz they should not be rockin the mic. So why fuck up your own mixes with that Diddy "take that take that" -type bs!?!?


HEAT FOR THE STREETS !!!! ENJOY !!! w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/53196362032ce6e7 (Half & Half ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5308704929dcb266/ ( Monkee Business ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/audio/53084328ec27bf55/ ( The Bad, Ugly, Goon ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/529486461eaa87a2/ ( ThunderKats ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5291362541286e64/ ( Hustle Session ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/audio/528738645e47a490/ ( For The Lover ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5269552087ab4a71/ ( Boon Docks ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/526729555117b6f9/ ( iSouljaBoy ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/52468170a3242cee/ ( TRU Fiction ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/52421891340ec8aa/ ( Heart Break ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5228745699d6f98c/ ( G Classic ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/521863557ce2def5/ ( BKLYN ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/52093606911984aa/ ( Scary Movie w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/520080175cf1b565/ ( Holy Snikes ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5193063826921324/ ( Pure Genius ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/518620745391c017/ ( Classic Material ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/51818932775146fc/ ( Futuristic ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/517318544b9509bd/ ( 95-85-20 ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5168510040c6be7d/ ( Amigos ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/5166159175e8fc1d/ ( Pologrounds ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/51603963c5dc4c3b/ ( New New ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/51527074cdbef0fd/ ( Relax, Ride Out )

Looks good. As far as the DJ

Looks good. As far as the DJ hurling all over the song, it doesn't bother me that much but it can get very fucking annoying lol