St. Laz - As Above So Below


Here goes St. Laz's newest street album As Above So Below, with 20 brand new tracks featuring the likes of Agallah, 40 Cal, Louie Ville Sluggah, Young Tef & more! Hit the break for the video & more info.

01.Kalid Intro
02.St.Laz - The Journey Prod. Dr.G_
03.St. Laz Feat. Opium - He's Gone Prod. By__
04.St. Laz Feat. The Boy Bucka - My Whole World Prod. By M-Pyre
05.St. Laz- Letter Seven Prod. By Bobby Johnson
06.St. Laz & Opium - Feel Prod. By Bobby Johson
07-St. Laz , F.O.U.L & Vain - Stop Singing Prod. By M.H & Back_
08.St. Laz-Friend Of Mine Prod. By Hidef
09..St. Laz Feat. Chuck Burns - Help Me Jesus Prod. Help Me Jesus
10.St. Laz , The Boy Bucka & Jo Dancer - Distorted Eyes Prod. Beats129_
11.St. Laz- I Need Miracles Prod. By Black Rain
12.St. Laz Feat. Opium - Lordy Prod. By Ronnie C_
13.St. Laz- Rebel Rebel Rebel Prod. By Moscow Mark
14.40 Cal, St.Laz, Micky Grim & Mailman - Real Rap Prod.By Kimbo Hareez
15.St. Laz Feat. Young Tef - Iron Sheik Prod. By High Notes
16.St. Laz- Tommy The Thug Prod. By Beats 129
17.Opium , St. Laz & Wooden Souljah - This Is How We Came Up Prod. By Venum_
18.St.Laz-As Above So Below Prod. By Casa One (Dirty Master)___
19.St. Laz Feat. Agallah & Louie Ville Sluggah - 14 Karat Ice Prod. By Dr.G___
20..St. Laz- Your Nobody Prod. By Big Bob_
21.St. Laz -Rain Down Prod. By Duke Dinero___
22.M.Reck & Papoose - Caught Up Prod. By Venum
23.Hidden Track

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Is this cover moving or am i just high as fuck??

Ima say probably both, just

Ima say probably both, just incase some of yall ain't that Big K.R.I.T. chopped & screwed ,by tha way i think this nigga did a good job on it
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Ahhhh your right nigga this shit is moving lmfao but ive been smokin since the minute i woke up ha ha. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!

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HIT OR MISS???? HIT!!!!!!!!

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pay homage niggas... laz be

pay homage niggas... laz be puttin it in...puttin ny back on da fuckin map da way it should be

that's right sonnnn yeah

that's right sonnnn yeah meannnn word up dunn-dunn we gotta put NYC BACK ON DA MUTHAFUCKKIN' MAP YO,imma dust off my tims & bubble jacket n make it tha OFFICIAL NYC DAY down here wit ma niggas...wait its supposed to be bout 90 degrees atleast down here man FUCK ALL THAT NON-SENCE & no i won't pay no homage to Michael Strahan's lil brother...son, hey yall still use that word? i call ma brother sun cause he shine like one,hahahahahaha fuck outta here wit all that noise dogg

wtf... LMFAO!!!

Damn nigga u made me spill out my medicine when i read that shit. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
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lol, like, wow, like..

Nigga straight did a 360 in his post, got them nigga's smilin and then cryin all in a few words in a post lol. lol u aint right lol.