Smoke Dank - Hello World (Mixed & Hosted By Dirty Yella)


01 Intro 1 1
02 You Aint Got It Feat Janese Marie
03 Block Abuse Feat Verbal Kint & Beale Banga
04 What's My Name Skit
05 What's My Name
06 Smoke Dank Speaks
07 Get Money Boys Anthem Feat Low Key
08 Smoke Dank Speaks 2
09 Breakfast
10 Michael Blackson Skit
11 Do It (Smokey D)
12 Zippa
13 I'm The Shit Feat V.I.C. & Eezy Money
14 Caddy Feat Remy Rene, Verval Kint, Ms Six Figgas, Stretch & Shells [Extended Mix]
15 Bate The Don Skit
16 We Ball Feat Low Key
17 Stack Up Some Chips Feat Big Black
18 Get Money Feat Big Black
19 The Takeover Feat Bate The Don & Beale Banga
20 Notions Feat Big Black & Low Key

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Smoke Dank?

Damn wtf, niggaz runnin out of names or some shit?? LOL
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@KOKEUSG @creddyfruga anutha stupid name for a rapper.. waa nex
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This dude look like.

Haha who is this? Bushwick bills dad?
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