Born Wit It And DJ Holiday - Substance Abuse


01 Money In My Pocket
02 Move Swift
03 That Loud
04 Millionaire
05 B.O.B Speaks
06 Dying To Live Feat B.O.B & Jimi Kravity
07 Bwi Freestyle
08 Life Gets Harder Feat Playboy Tre
09 Trapline Skit
10 Bwi Freestyle
11 Wish Feat Jimi Kravity
12 K.P. Speaks
13 What It Iz
14 Money Man Feat Insane
15 Trapline Skit
16 Hating Cuz We Gettin It
17 Ice Cream And Cake
18 Count It Feat Vinnie And Lai
19 Stack Your Paper Up Feat B.O.B ..Bonus Track No Education Feat Playboy Tre

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avoid it, save yourselves the headache, these Mixtapes are starting to turn into a fuckin Shout out contest nowadays.

I agree

Why don't these DJ just say a couple of words and STFU? He is trying to be DJ Drama and it aint cool.

cuz dats wat DJs do homie in

cuz dats wat DJs do homie in the club and on mixtapes dats they job along with breaking and spinning recordz... an on another note how is Holiday tryin to be like Drama im in the process of signing wit DJ Holiday and the Apphiliates and i kinda find dat obsurd and hillarious Holiday is his own man and he got his own movement rite now he one the hottest if not the hottest DJ in the south rite now Drama started wit mixtapes now he on a much bigger scale he bout to drop the new Gangsta Grillz Album so in a way i hope Holiday is tryin to be like him cuz dat just mean more money for him and me stop hatin and pay attention u bastard


It's about time somebody came and gives Hip Hop some life. These guys are talented. I dont know what the fuck this dude talking about all Dj's talk over tracks dick head.Grab this shit cause I can assure u that these niggas will be around for a while. A+
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lame ass djs

lame ass djs