Slim Thug - Dedicated To My Haters

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Tha Mutha Fuckin Boss BeOiTch !

You Cant Lose Wit Slim Thugga !!! Texas Tru Boss !!!! Nigga Repz Hard Az Fuck For His State You Gotta Show Mad Respect 4 A True Boss !!!! F.L.A Niggaz Have Nuttin But Luv 4 Slim Thug & His OutLawz !
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growth & development... my nigga if you dont have haters you dont have shit you can never go wrong with slim thugga one of the best outta texas and the realest the real boss...... {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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RE: Slim Thug

Definitely have a rack of respect for Slim Thug. He does his own thing... true business man fo sho! And he reps for his city, goes hard for the hood... LOL =>> Watch street dvds and hood dvds right now for free at
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el presidente

slim thug for president in 2012...just in time 4 the world to b flipped....never been disappointed by a BHO or thuga mixtape"A MAN WHO STANDS FOR NOTHING WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING"