Sincere - Sin-City


Unsigned Hype artist from upstate NY (Middletown aka M-City)
Recently finished as a finalist in the Get Your Buzz Up Competition in NYC which
had some of the top unsigned hype talent from all over the East Coast! He also
won a MC/PRODUCER Mash-Up in Philadelphia where the top 2 M.C's and producers
battled it out and the winners got to produce and make a track together for a
upcoming Unsigned Hype mixtape! Hot artist... Needs to be heard by the right
person! Check it out!!


1. Intro
2. Good News
3. My Life (First Single!!!!)
4. Family Portrait
5. Streets Raised Us
6. Growth
7. In Da Reign
8. Knapp Knapp
9. Fatal Attraction
10. My Flag
11. We Up
12. Be This Way
13. 8-4-5 (M-City Anthem)
14. We Right Here
15. R-Sin-Ist
16. Game On Smash
17. Picture Me Rollin

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sincere- sincity!!!

Mixtape is hot!!! All recycled beats, but wow! He flipped Pinks: FAMILY PORTRAIT and made it AMAZING (REAL SPIT!)!!!! MY LIFE is a BANGER!!!! Streets Raised Us is a banger for the clubs!!!! Knapp Knapp is to T.I.'s A.S.A.P. shit is serious!!! I could go on n on!!! Fatal Attraction is a good one for anyone that had to deal wit a crazy shortie on the side!!! We Up is a BANGER!!! We Right Here is a crazy nice track for the ladies!!! R-Sin-Ist he beats up Jada's Kiss of Death track! Game on Smash is CRAZY lyrical (JUST LISTEN!!) and PICTURE ME ROLLIN is a nice way to end the album.. it's like a hypothetical track.. sittin in prison, fantasizing about life on the outside... This dude shows his versatility on this mixtape.. he can do it however you want it! The game isn't very lyrical anymore.. This is the typa tape you gotta roll up to, Get in your car, and just blaze a L and LISTEN... Really LISTEN... Thanks for posting....
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are you sincere's manager!!!

are you sincere's manager!!! i have never seen so much excitement about a mixtape!!! since THE DEDICATION 3!!! i guess i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and listen to this no-namer!!!

jus a listener

not bout to ride dudes dick but this shit is good. its deep. def. worth the download.